The only truth

The only truth is that truth is ever changing and flowing to better and better truths, always. Each day as we shed yesterday’s truths and create newer better truths. One person truth, illuminates another’s truth and so on it goes.

When we stifle truth and mutter and murmur under our breath and try to deny the truth that we feel and deny expressing it for fear? That’s when it’s all gets backed up within us. In my case, 50+ years of grief and truth of how I saw it could be better came flooding from the depth that I crammed it. My truth demanded release. My body demanded I release the truth I carried around for fear of upsetting anyone.

  • It was like I carried this weight of truths I felt and saw growing up and to get to the solutions, the truth had to be set free because it was in the way of seeing the solutions.
  • Truth shocks us to attention. It wakes us up.
  • Holding in truth stagnates a person.
  • Releasing truth, helps us all on a wider spectrum.
  • Holding truth beyond its expectations date, causes poison to the body. When it’s time to share? It’s time to share. No getting out of it.
  • I was born into a multi million dollar modality triad machine. Don’t try to yell me I don’t see sweeties. I’ve been up close and personal to this child molester! I see.
  • Truth is subjective to the one experiencing it. And the proof is in the pudding of our life experiences.
  • We are the subjects of this truth about Adoption. We were subjected to Adoption. So we know what’s the deal here.
  • Step back give us some room. Our truth is big.
  • We need you to brace yourselves. But, nothings really gonna help. It’s a sucker punch that’s coming home to roost.
  • Society signed off on this sucker punch to our hearts. Cause and affect has come full circle.
  • Now it your turn.
  • But there’s hope. We. Are here to guide you out of what you’re gonna see and feel. We learned the hard way, but we won’t do you like you did us.
  • We know better thanks to Adoption the child molester and abuser taught us the worth of our Mama’s as you sold us off like cattle to the bidders. After you sold us all a false bill of goods.
  • Children are not for sale items. They belong where God ultimately sent them first.
  • Who are we to not trust natural order? Insane. That’s who we are when we do this kind of a thing and call it god.
  • Moses is grown. She’s pointing the staff. She’s calling the pestilence. How far do you want to test me and my people who want to be free? We’ve wandered enough in the desert!
  • Now it the time for us to get our promised land.
  • We claim our promised land that you took away from us while we were to young to speak.
  • It’s time to pay up.
  • Our promised land was our Mama and family that to have been wandering in this wilderness of separation as well.
  • It’s time to go home.
  • Our ultimate promised land.
  • It’s time to heal this nonsense.
  • It’s time.

Allow the truth to set us all free to make this better. Allow the tears to roll. It’s time to let the Holy Spirit in to clean it all away. It’s time for us to come back to our natural knowing and stop God’s work and rearranging the children God send to each family?

I won’t stop talking and writing about it until we all are home and this world learns this vital lesson! My cry will not stop for God will not stop showing me visions of crying children longing to go home! Damn. AM I the only one who’s got this lovely gift?

As we tell the truth. We each get updated and grounded. We learn our cause and affect lessons. Adoption is a cause that has had a profound affect on me and my brothers and sisters. That’s huge. And must be validated now. I’m done waiting for validation from without. I’m self validating and validating my brothers and sisters as I go.

We Adoptees just need encouragement. I’m here giving it my all. I am firing up the bonfire to light there way to my door. Where I can pour them some love and nourish them to have the strength to tell you what they must. It’s hard to recall. It’s hard on us to stay like this.

  • It’s time for us all to be safe. To speak what we experienced.

Just try to stop me. Lol. I’m trained. God trained me. This life roughed me up. So. Good luck.

I came to win. And Mamas my price!! God bless her.

And if not? Well I’m gonna just howl about it till I die. Take my Mama from me! You can just all pay by having to listen to how it felt!

People amaze me. How long have I been talking about this? Long time. Has anyone really helped me? Not really. They just complain cuz I complain? Is that helpful? No. It’s dumb.

Fuck it. I do it myself.

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