Physical Pain in us screams to be seen and healed.


I travel to heal this separation that has physically manifested with my Mama and me. Each child comes with a gift, mine is healing. Our relationship is Karmic in nature and I work to heal Karmic wounds that this life time, are to be healed. Mama represents the unwilling past, stuck in a rut, I represent the nature of healing in its full circle by connecting once again to my point of entry, her, through the pain, healing it and her as I as I go, straight to the heart. xo

Is it so strange a thought that I can do distance healing? Is it strange to think that God can not do distance healing through me on my DNA and that the family will not benefit from this spiritual healing? How much do you believe in the Divine?

I, believe a lot in the Divine power of God. And have great faith, because I have seen what god has done for me when I asked. Oh, and I asked God. I asked God for our highest Good, and the only way is to face this shit and then move on.

I know, we all just want to move on. And we all get too, after we learn our lessons. Things keep coming back around, until we face it and with courage forgive it, by not forgetting, and yet doing better. That, takes guts to do, as you have seen me here. Writing as I heal Mama and me. In our minds about each other, and in the family that has lived so long without me, and yet I was with them in Mama. I mean my cells till live within her today, so, I was, with you all, within her. It is quite a miracle, and that is really what I want to talk about.

The miracle is what this is about, in the end. Of how I came home and how I knew I needed to. How Mama was all jammed up and needed some intercession, from a trained prayer Warrior of a daughter who sewed the scripture into her bones, and could see what she needed. Go ahead, and tell me I am crazy. I clearly don’t care, about no one but Mama right now. So back off while I work. And please shut your mouth off and be quiet minded, so this can been done. It takes energy, from God to do this kind of work.

I am writing what I am lead to write and am not told what that is until I see it on this blog page. This is divine and scares me. It is frightening when God calls you to the front to tell your story and no one seems to like the beginning, and God like the teacher God is, tells you to keep reading, because he already read the story, he was there. And to have God hold your hand, because no one could see you needed a hand to hold, cuz your Mama was gone, your mind and body was to young, to find your way back to her. She had let go. Not having a clue to what she had done to herself, in me. And it does not have to be bad. but so far? Yeah, I am telling it like it was. Mama can do that too. I encourage her to be honest and she can write on her own page here is she likes.

I would relish her input and desire above all to gain her perspective of me during this. I did not hold back, much. And I can be quite animated when put in this position of tell all kind of stream of consciousness writing, letting my inner child just tell all. People get upset with the truths my little girl writes through me from my vault of experiences in my subconscious. I am tapped in, turned on, and tuned in to the Divine.

I am  so grateful for God, Universe, Source.

Mother Matters.

WE only have one.

And she matters to us deeply.

How dare anyone to asks me to love another more, or like her.

That simply said, “Is not possible”

She’s in our fibers

She’s within our blood, tissue

She is where we formed from

She is the key to our jumping place of indentity.

This way does none of any favors in the end

Until we all go home.


Ask Mama, family, if she feels better, now that its out. Not if she’s happy. But ask her how she feels if you can? That would be a nice way to start this conversation of healing. Mama, needs us all, even me.

We all need each other, and families should emulate this with each other. Family is where we practice humanities first. Mama and I have been apart, and I am sharing with her here what I have learned being without her. And this news is water on that woman soul. To know ones worth to a person is huge for the self esteem.

Mama forgot her psychic side. Hello, its back and better than ever. So watch out folks, Mama’s gonna cut loose. Love you Mama.

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