Ever fight for someone who fights with you to stop?

Have you ever fought for someone who fights with you to stop? That’s me standing up for Mama and me. She wants it better. But complains on how I am doing it. Why? Cus she relinquished me and is way off course these days. She’s going her own way and it’s not leading her to bliss.

Her own way got us here. And God’s way it gonna get us out of here it Mama listens to her intuition and not her fears. Fear is everywhere as I blow them up. I feel like a commando of the mind, blowing up the lies that I fear my Mamas brain about me and herself within me. It’s spiritual warfare. And the job is reclaiming my birth right and helping Mama see beyond the carnage and blood shed it took to bring me to her aid.

She says she wants me to stop with her mind that does not like having to change. But her soul says come to me. Her soul is strong cuz our bond is real and demands that she see it. It’s a god bond. And she and I are tied together until we work it out.

Ever get up and fight for someone’s feelings and have them angry at you for doing that? Like,”why did you do that? Now everyone’s gonna hate me? You messed it all up”. Wtf? It was messed up the day I left. Now. We got to clean this up and help make it better for others.

Mama did not realize the mess she made of us. But now we got to clean it up. I’m not adopted anymore Mama. I came home.

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