Like, I am a warning shot. Pay attention.

Like I am a warning shot, so pay attention.

I am an alarm going off, like a trumpet.

My peps be waking up, yeah

They be waking up to it

We got lots to say, are you ready

Come on

I am just one flaming arrow, we are many

I am a gong of war, sounding the call to arms

My peps we getting ready

They are loading their guns

We got lots to change, are you ready

Come on

Pay attention good people. This ain’t no joke. I am talking. Pay attention. Can you hear the thunder of hoofs? A might vibration of change is coming. And the warrior’s arrows will take flight to blind you by the light of the truths to be shown, to illuminate what is dark and shed clean light upon us all, so we can see, again clearer than before what we are doing when we do what we do.

When we do what we do. yeah. We need to change it.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I know the results I do what I do for, do you? Do you know what you do and why? Is your reason good enough to justify your results when you see the results in my life? Are we proud of me having to go through so much to figure out this world, let alone the Adoption version? I am proud I made it. I am proud of my Mama and Daddy’s genes together that helped me survive such insanity of an idea?, yes I am.

Am I upset that me and Mama got some insanity here? Hell yes. And I work daily to right this with her here in front of you, cuz you need to see the mess I have to clean up! Damn straight. I mean sure, people get off track, but this is ridiculous people. We got Mama being guided by whom? Family that don’t know shit about me and Mama. Like she hid me, she did not tell them about me. What can they help her with? Do they have training in reunions? No. Do I, yes, its on the job training as you go, because I want this and will learn, and keep learning until its done. Is Mama going to a counselor? Is this counselor trained in Adoption? Or reunions of  Adoptees? Hell, Does the counselor even know about me? What are these untrained people advising her in regards to her relationship with her daughter who has come home and wants an honest relationship with her Mama after 50+ years? HMM? Doesn’t not look like they are advising her it is healthy? And with that advice? They are right.

Dont tell me  how to come home to my own Mama! You don’t get too! Stop. This is mine. Why don’t you help her see the beauty in this most honest profession of love ever! Back me up why don’t you! This is what dreams are made of! Will someone gently hold her hands and turn her around to me? Can someone see this homecoming is right and true. That for she and me it was written, from the day I was conceived like everyone else, to come home to her.

You know? Mama energy is naturally healing. Its just how it is, and I need Mama’s energy, she needs mine. And all this shit? Is just what made me see how important she was to me. Pain of stop, turn around, go home.

I was allowed to grow within her and create cells that had to be abandoned. You want me to stop what fate started? Well, your asking the wrong person. Your gonna have to tell God to change how God designed it. I really don’t see any fault in how God is doing it, but how we handle it.

And this is fundamental to the planet, when a child’s experiences is interrupted while they are still forming is a determent to us all. It’s just making a bookkeeping nightmare that court houses have to right! Yesterday.  Look at the cost we all will pay to turn this ship around and give children and adults now what is by birth right theres and not the governments power to change, it is falsehood in the deepest sense and deceit to us all. I mean we went here, but we don’t have to stay here and need to change our course and our fundamental knowing that this is just not a good idea nor complete in its supposed well being it is supposed to provide to all participants.

I feel all parties suffer confusion and pain. If the child has adjustment issues, the new parents will have to go through that with them, many unaware of what the issue is at all? Our cut up relationship with our parents looms over us and demands we fix it, how can we feel good about ourselves if we feel bad about our parents? I cringe when an adoptee tells me their Mama is a drug addict and did not deserve to raise them? So hopeless a statement to have to say, but who gave them that info? Most likely the A parents, and its so subtle a knock at our family, but it erodes at the self confidence of us, or me. Like what the hell? Dont talk about my Mama, I’ll ask her myself, thank you.

This mess was not made by me and Mama alone, it was made by us all, for not seeing the ultimate truth that I have learned is unchangeable. Who your Mama is is for god to decide and you can’t change it, not even paper can change blood.

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