As I remove

As I remove the clothing of the wounded warrior. And I stand naked and vulnerable. Will you love me? Will you see the part of yourself in me as I do you?

Come away with me my love. I have tales to tell you over fires and wine of a love such as this that burns within me and dukes by God. Will you look at me once more with eyes of acceptance. I may show you a ragged road warrior, but within is your little princess, who’s truth was love others as you love yourself. I am hard on myself. I came to win.

I stand here vulnerable before my brethren and sisterhood. A child within me carries day and night. The alarm can only be turned off by one person. Her Mama. That’s is the call of a Mama. To quiet the alarm that’s been going off now for 55 years and gets louder each year.

I was called to go home. I know not exactly why. I know some of why. But I obey and have gone back and been honest. My honesty is a gift. It’s precious. Not many know it. Now I tell all. If you turn away from me, you shame yourself, in me. Be wise. Be strong. And do what’s best for us both, now that you know better. I love you. We are gonna make it right. We can do this. I am very strong and connected. So are you. Very much so. Xo

As I stand in the rubble of what used to be.

Come take my hand

As we say goodbye to our struggle that’s now gone

Hold my hand and find rest with me

As we turn away from all that we once knew

Squeeze my hand. It is real. It’s me. I’m real.

As we take a small step

I kiss your hand and a tear drips down and touches your skin

And we walk away. Free to be who God first said we were, who we always have been, and yet now, open and free to start a new day, new story.

I brush your hair away. Look you in the eyes. And just study that beautiful face of yours that’s like mine and yet different. It’s a moment as we just breath it in. What it feels like to just be together. Wow. What a ride with you Mama. What a ride. I love you for teaching me early what you mean. No argument there. Xo

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