My Morning Practice

Today I felt lead to pull cards from my Doreen Virtues Indigo Angel Oracle Card deck. I love where my relationship with God has gone. And how amazing it is how God uses them to speak back to me through them. It’s like a life line, to the supreme GPS system.

This card is spot on for me. I let go of guilt that I carried for feeling ashamed for secretly loving my Mama and having no one to share it with. Do you understand the kind of mental pigeon hole relinquishment put me into? I had to make a box for Mama within the new Box she placed me. And the box with her in it is just to small. She needs a transplant and new soil and light and food. Mama, I just couldn’t let go. God never let go of either of us and tied us together.

I clearly can see that what you were told is way off. And well the only way to truly balance the scales properly is to do it in this lifetime. Nothing about us can change our history except us, yet not after death and the final gong sounds. I play to win. And I know who I play for, who’s team I am on. Everyone’s team. I want us all to win.

My morning practice helps me find better ways to express what I am feeling. It’s intense as all these feelings I also boxed in with my Mama, come gushing out, and demand that I release them and keep the lessons. It’s normal what I do. It’s natural normal. And we send people away for doing what i blog about doing which is get right with your mind. Speak what you got and get something better.

But folks hold onto what ya say? Yeah. They do. And that’s what’s off about it. Now if God is our father and he throws our sins and missed marks into a sea of forgetfulness? God? Chooses to be forgetful? God chooses to delete files? God purges himself? His anger and throws it to the sea? To the salt water? Back to the place that is synonymous with emotional symbolism, the ocean. Which is loaded with salt. Salt preserves due to its mineral essence and combination. Much like the womb water we grew in.

We all need to throw away a lot into the ocean of emotional and allow Mama Earth to recycle it into something better. Telling my truth has opened up so much memory space to think about cool things like this practice I show you here, that helped me heal what I came her to heal. No one seemed to see what I saw in me. So, I just asked God to show me, my gifts and talents and purpose. And my Mamas don’t get to tell me who I am. Obviously.

God does. Who are you in this world? If you have been born with a thorn in your side. God can lead you to your remedy, within. But it will take the willingness to face your own truth, to release it, to find another truth. And it happens each day as we live and learn and don’t calcify. It’s like a decalcification of the mindset. Just say it and forget it. As soon as it hits the air, it’s gone. Unless someone else holds onto it. Like a hot potato.

We all are mirrors to each other. I chose to pay attention to my first leaders most. My Mamas. I studied their choices and why from what they could tell me in words, but most of in their deeds. There deeds tell a lot about them. Sure. Folks can take it that by telling the unedited truth I am damning my Mamas. Hell no. I’m celebrating them.

Because even though I took it my way. And folks told me it was many ways and to basically give up and just suck it up that’s the way it is. I had this call in me to change it for the better, for everyone. I am not the only one doing the changes, I am just pointing to something that needs revenue and to deny review is to deny growth.

Thanks for coming by and swimming in the deep end with me.

The amazon link for these great cards is below.

I feel I came to share that these tools work and are not of the devil. They are a way to breakdown God’s messages into stories we can relate to and can utilize the precepts of many biblical truth if one has biblical truth within, the cards can shed new light on me. It’s amazing. And I am grateful For listening to God and disobeying Mamas rules and defying her fears.

Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

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