I feel.

I just gonna say it.

From all that’s gone on with me and Mama. And my sisters and that side of the fam, Magic is involved. Mama dabbled in Magic. And I am just gonna say what’s coming to me about it.

Spells are prayers.

That’s what I learned.

Prayers are words.

God spoke everything into being.

That my friends is a spell in word form that created everything here. Go back to Genesis and read about who we are and who we are like. A Magic God who speaks things into being from a big mind of infinite possibility.

I’ve worshiped at churches. Yes. God is there. And great teaching come from churches. But no ones studied the tarot and oracle cards from an unbiased mindset of curiosity and true discovery. I let go of fears put on me by a church that had never truly studied the system of the tarot to see its relevance and usefulness.

I went rogue to find the answers. And found many things the same without the judgements I learned in church. God’s been showing me why. Mama may never get why, but I am still gonna pull and roots for her. If I can’t change Mamas mind about it? Well then I guess, I’ll have to die trying. Meaning I won’t give up until she see my offer is a good one and she has no need to fear me or what I do or say. The fear is that she believes it. Xo

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