I just want to say.

To my family. I didn’t appreciate y’all saying my baby was a mess and that I was a horrible Mama. K. We all got issues. I don’t like folks getting high and mighty. I love my babies and do my best, like my Mamas. And when set straight, learn better to do better. What Mama wants to suck. That’s what I am saying. What human truly wants to suck? No one. No one.

But without each other’s truths. No matter how horrid. We need to listen if not just to be a witness and a confessee. God has used me many times to listen to someone’s confessions and ground them back into today. To sooth them. To validate them. To show them God can use anyone if they just believe. I am adoptee. Or so they said. But I am just as great as you and if you don’t thing your so great? Confess it and forgive yourself. Like me. Or not.

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