Lord I pray.


I pray for all Adoptees today. I pray for our souls and for our bodies that have experienced disruption and neglect. Lord help us love ourselves enough to love each other. Lord I pray for each and every person on this planet. I pray for the expansion of our consciousness. I pray that you will make the math right again here. Cuz we are all still learning. Show us where we missed steps and take short cuts and end up like this? Show me how to make this world a better place. May my sword of truth always be swung for the highest good of all. I pray we all will do this. I pray for all who suffer in silences to have release and that their tongues be set free to speak that release and that we will learn and grow from honest interacts. I pray for us all. And I stand on my meager soap box of Adoption to send this message out. Thank you Lord for always picking up when I call. Get ready, your lines gonna go viral. I love you to Lord. I know your lonely and people need to talk to you. We will do better and will stop getting all butt hurt when we miss our marks and we will get up and shoot again instead of wallow and we will help our brothers and sisters up when they fall and help them be stronger. We can do better Lord. Thanks you for sending me the call to pray. I am grateful for that main line. Amen.

If hate be seen in others, then hate is here. If hate is here then why? What do we hate? And so let’s change it to something we love.

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