If I talk in a circle.

If I seem to talk in a circle, you might want to look at what I hover over? Eagles fly high and circle their prey. What am I circling? What is my prey?

The mind is the landscape of my hunt and this Adoption mindset is my prey. We need a reset of our mindsets about this topic. And Adoptees are the people with the key for that reset. I’ve got all my Mamas buttons so she will naturally reset. Fact. I know what my Mama needs.

I don’t care how long I am gone? It’s like riding a bike for us Adoptees. We know what our Mamas need, and our task is to loose our tongues to deliver the meds to heal us all from this psychosis of an idea. We are the doctors and our truth the cure.

If I appear to going in circles, pay attention to what I circle and realize that I am holding space and choosing to stay with Mama until she’s free from what she ties too. It’s like an animal who’s friend or mate is trapped or caught, they stay to help them get free. They stay if they die. Birds do it. Animals bond too. I fly over this and work to free her mind about it.

There is so much garbage that makes no sense about this and everyone’s kind of co fused by Adoptees saying anything’s wrong. That’s how bad it is. People are blind to us because we are silenced by fear. But fear is fake. And live is real. My love for Mama is stronger than her fear. So she’s winning right now and her mind is loosing a lot of lies that block her view of herself in me. Not for long though. Not in my mind at all. I work for results not glory.

There is no glory if Mama does see me as amazing and me see her as amazing. So this shits got to go between she and me. Plain and simple and she dragging her heels cuz she’s thinking it’s gonna such. Because life has sucked without me and she sees it now. But of course she’s a bit scared. Change is scary. And she’s lived like this for years and a lot has changed now already. She’s just needs to own that change and rock it. No shame in your game if you learn your lessons and do better for God.

I believe all dogs learn new tricks. Is t that what’s so fun in life? Learning something new is what life all about. Discovery is part of learning. Our lives are only tragic if we abandon ourselves. I won’t abandoned either of my Mamas. I only need to abandon my trauma and show them how to abandon theirs for our new day to just come naturally.

No one asked me if I wanted to be adopted. And I stayed here where Mama put me and do my best. But damn. I missed her and should not have been left to my own defenses in dealing with what the world thought about it. Adoption didn’t help me at all with that. Thanks Adoption. I see what you missed and it’s time to change.


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