Crone’s Corner – Catnip!

Crone’s Corner – Catnip!

It’s more than just fun for your cat. Researchers in the Department of Entomology at Iowa State University found that chemicals produced naturally in catnip (Nepeta cataria) repel cockroaches. Folklore includes numerous claims that catnip are repellent to insects and spiders. Results show that when given a choice between a surface treated with these plant oils and an untreated surface, cockroaches spent much more time on the untreated surface. One researcher observed that “the roaches will venture onto the treated surface, stop, turn around and walk off onto the untreated surface.” The chemical repellent in catnip is nepetalactone. Not every cat responds to the effects of catnip. If the cat doesn’t have a specific gene, it won’t react. About 80% of cats do have the gene, and enjoy the effects of catnip, which is purr-fectly safe and non-addictive.

Catnip tea was a regular beverage in England before the introduction of tea from China. It is also used today as an herbal remedy for upset stomach, insomnia (it contains a mild muscle relaxant), and cough.

GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

Great history and also, catnip is great to drink. I like making pesto with it. Yum. I pray Catnip draws love to me from the one I need most. Blessed be.

The universes knows best. I surrender to sources will. Whatever that means. I’m ready.

God does not always show me, but allows me to feel it first. And to get all my fears out of the way to be able to revive better than even I dreamed possible, or my Mamas. Thank you Lord for your patience with me. I know the depth if your love. Even if I had to live without my Mama, you did take me up. And you granted me this platform to speak my truth about the fears I faced as a child. I am one of many, if not all of us who have our struggles. Mine do not lesson yours, and yet highlight them.

Struggle is like exercise. It can be addicting. So much so you help there with their struggles. Sounds crazy? But what if we all just did that without complaint? Like a machine we just lend a hand. We all don’t have to save the world. But if we all worked together, we would. This one thing I know. I’ve loved to long under the wing of the king and queen, to even let this shit slide. I know who I am.

What you think I am saying is dependent of the perceptions you have to draw from. Limited perceptions, limited viewpoint. Narrow minded we call it. Mine was broadened when relinquish happened. I felt numb. And quiet worked although my feelings got hurt, I learned a lot about people. I had too. And it changed how I ultimately see things around here. It breaks your heart wide open, and you feel it all. Like a hose, intensely flowing through you. It’s exposure to the 1000th level.

That’s what I am saying and why I am reporting it like I am. Intensely. I felt it all intensely. Maybe I would have felt it if I had been kept? That remains to be seen as my Mama has not filled me in on the details about me. She’s only shared snips. It must be very hard to drag it up from the vault. I’ve waited 25 years so far and pray she will make it. And after this long of a wait, people want me to give up? People want me to just blow away? Or shut up when I have not gotten what I asked for? Wow.

I want love just like everyone. And I want the whole dream. Like why not dream big?

I feel.

I just gonna say it.

From all that’s gone on with me and Mama. And my sisters and that side of the fam, Magic is involved. Mama dabbled in Magic. And I am just gonna say what’s coming to me about it.

Spells are prayers.

That’s what I learned.

Prayers are words.

God spoke everything into being.

That my friends is a spell in word form that created everything here. Go back to Genesis and read about who we are and who we are like. A Magic God who speaks things into being from a big mind of infinite possibility.

I’ve worshiped at churches. Yes. God is there. And great teaching come from churches. But no ones studied the tarot and oracle cards from an unbiased mindset of curiosity and true discovery. I let go of fears put on me by a church that had never truly studied the system of the tarot to see its relevance and usefulness.

I went rogue to find the answers. And found many things the same without the judgements I learned in church. God’s been showing me why. Mama may never get why, but I am still gonna pull and roots for her. If I can’t change Mamas mind about it? Well then I guess, I’ll have to die trying. Meaning I won’t give up until she see my offer is a good one and she has no need to fear me or what I do or say. The fear is that she believes it. Xo

My Morning Practice

Today I felt lead to pull cards from my Doreen Virtues Indigo Angel Oracle Card deck. I love where my relationship with God has gone. And how amazing it is how God uses them to speak back to me through them. It’s like a life line, to the supreme GPS system.

This card is spot on for me. I let go of guilt that I carried for feeling ashamed for secretly loving my Mama and having no one to share it with. Do you understand the kind of mental pigeon hole relinquishment put me into? I had to make a box for Mama within the new Box she placed me. And the box with her in it is just to small. She needs a transplant and new soil and light and food. Mama, I just couldn’t let go. God never let go of either of us and tied us together.

I clearly can see that what you were told is way off. And well the only way to truly balance the scales properly is to do it in this lifetime. Nothing about us can change our history except us, yet not after death and the final gong sounds. I play to win. And I know who I play for, who’s team I am on. Everyone’s team. I want us all to win.

My morning practice helps me find better ways to express what I am feeling. It’s intense as all these feelings I also boxed in with my Mama, come gushing out, and demand that I release them and keep the lessons. It’s normal what I do. It’s natural normal. And we send people away for doing what i blog about doing which is get right with your mind. Speak what you got and get something better.

But folks hold onto what ya say? Yeah. They do. And that’s what’s off about it. Now if God is our father and he throws our sins and missed marks into a sea of forgetfulness? God? Chooses to be forgetful? God chooses to delete files? God purges himself? His anger and throws it to the sea? To the salt water? Back to the place that is synonymous with emotional symbolism, the ocean. Which is loaded with salt. Salt preserves due to its mineral essence and combination. Much like the womb water we grew in.

We all need to throw away a lot into the ocean of emotional and allow Mama Earth to recycle it into something better. Telling my truth has opened up so much memory space to think about cool things like this practice I show you here, that helped me heal what I came her to heal. No one seemed to see what I saw in me. So, I just asked God to show me, my gifts and talents and purpose. And my Mamas don’t get to tell me who I am. Obviously.

God does. Who are you in this world? If you have been born with a thorn in your side. God can lead you to your remedy, within. But it will take the willingness to face your own truth, to release it, to find another truth. And it happens each day as we live and learn and don’t calcify. It’s like a decalcification of the mindset. Just say it and forget it. As soon as it hits the air, it’s gone. Unless someone else holds onto it. Like a hot potato.

We all are mirrors to each other. I chose to pay attention to my first leaders most. My Mamas. I studied their choices and why from what they could tell me in words, but most of in their deeds. There deeds tell a lot about them. Sure. Folks can take it that by telling the unedited truth I am damning my Mamas. Hell no. I’m celebrating them.

Because even though I took it my way. And folks told me it was many ways and to basically give up and just suck it up that’s the way it is. I had this call in me to change it for the better, for everyone. I am not the only one doing the changes, I am just pointing to something that needs revenue and to deny review is to deny growth.

Thanks for coming by and swimming in the deep end with me.

The amazon link for these great cards is below.

I feel I came to share that these tools work and are not of the devil. They are a way to breakdown God’s messages into stories we can relate to and can utilize the precepts of many biblical truth if one has biblical truth within, the cards can shed new light on me. It’s amazing. And I am grateful For listening to God and disobeying Mamas rules and defying her fears.

Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

I just want to say.

To my family. I didn’t appreciate y’all saying my baby was a mess and that I was a horrible Mama. K. We all got issues. I don’t like folks getting high and mighty. I love my babies and do my best, like my Mamas. And when set straight, learn better to do better. What Mama wants to suck. That’s what I am saying. What human truly wants to suck? No one. No one.

But without each other’s truths. No matter how horrid. We need to listen if not just to be a witness and a confessee. God has used me many times to listen to someone’s confessions and ground them back into today. To sooth them. To validate them. To show them God can use anyone if they just believe. I am adoptee. Or so they said. But I am just as great as you and if you don’t thing your so great? Confess it and forgive yourself. Like me. Or not.

Here it is. What I did.

The card set us called Medicine Cards, written by Jamie Sams and David Carson. Both authors are of Native American descent.

Check them out by clicking the link below:

Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals

Cards are a fun way to find the answers you need, and positive direction for your life path. With the attitude of curiosity, they can open your mind to healthier ways to cope and find strength and directions. The word divination say it all about using cards to get messages form the Divine who if we believe the scriptures to be true an accurate, has not only lived as Jesus, but as us all. Now that’s a mind blower.

This books written by members of the wolf clan have devised a method of divination, or way to communicate with the divine, through the animals.

I felt drawn to go get some more of the decks I was lead to purchase for study and enjoyment in learning this safe way to communicate with God and the angels. And this is what I read and it’s like God just gets me to read what I need to express and validate what I know to be true, but many deny.

My bond with Mama was this strong and she yelled to me and blames it on Barbara Marie. Thanks you Barbara Marie for helping Mama when I needed her strength and her brain was a pancake. I am so very moved when Mama talks about you. I am eternally grateful she has such a good friend as you in her life. I owe you that in the least. But do hope to meet you some day, so I may say it properly and in person. Xo

The part I circled here above shows exactly what I did as a child. I was lost and I did as a native child would do and drew on my parents energy for strength. I also pulled on my Daddy’s. A lot. I needed a lot of make energy to feel safe. That’s why I say Mama didn’t share her brain with Barbara Marie, Barbara Marie helped mama on days when I was pulling hard on her strength. It’s so spiritual and beautiful. Once the shock wears off. I moved in sync with Mama and drew from her spiritual strength and it made me very strong spiritually.

Mama pulled some strings for me on her knees. I see that. Thanks you Mama for praying for me. I accept that most precious gift and claim it as a blessing from you. Here in front if everyone. Thank you Mama. Xo

Your alright. I like you. And after all this time, it’s still, “you’ll do just fine”. Xo. Very fine.

Takes a lot to calm a storm like me. But you do from the ship on my emotions. You speak to the storms and dive deeper into God to drag me there with you. Thank you. Bless you.

See. Change can sneak up on you. And slap you in the face with it because times a wastin’ girly. We got things to do and see and experiences with each other’s. This old trash heap has it coming. Damn adoptions not going to mess up the party. Cus we are family, and together at last. I’m the loud one. Lol. And proud.

And I want to slobber all over Chelsie’s face! Need me some Chelsie. Mmmm hmmm.

It was so natural for me to do that God had to show me this gift. So I could show Mama this gift God gave us. It’s so cool. The parent will feel the pull form their energy, just like Jesus did. I know, Mama prayed for me. And I am grateful. She’s pretty humble and would not tell me to toot her own horn. But it clear. She did. Many times.

I don’t know if Mama knew that Mama Jean was part Native American? Osage tribe. From Kansas. Mama jeans great great grandmother was a Osage princess. And she’s related to Lady Godiva. I am trying to look up about her native heritage now. Letters and things to find out what we can. I want her to be connected to her roots too.

I’ve learned a lot from her and do love her deeply even though we quarrel a lot. It’s our thing. We banter and fuss. I kind of crack up at these two woman who have been fighting my whole life and have never met. But Mamas in me, oh yes. And her ideas have clashed with Mama Jeans and we have worked a lot out.

Mamas kind of tender and gets upset a lot. I did too. I got my feeling hurt a lot growing up. Mama Jean said some harsh things to me. But I listened anyway, even when it made me sad and I felt like I never would win. I’d brush it off and try to forgive and forget. That’s was my problem. I struggled to tell her and she struggles to understand. It’s the adoption thing and that we were from two different worlds even though I had had only 9 months in one world it made a deep Impression on me and made Mama Jean look crazy cuz she did not do it right, or like Mama. I seemed to just know, or feel a different way to do it.

But I drug Mama along with me like my well worn blanky I loved so much and didn’t know why until God showed me that it smelled like me, which smells like Mama. So funny when god puts it together and shows you why when no one else can. These days my instincts tell me Mama needs me. Like the friend I am. All bold and strong to lift her up and she’d needed light on things so she can see her way through this reunion, bonding process that was Interrupted so long ago.

It’s just natural that I cry and she’s upset cuz she can’t figure out what I want. Cus she tuned it out so long or gotten used to us this way, I have to show her how bonded we are. So she can see this miracle too. But the trash had to go first. Mine and hers. We had picked up some stuff and gotten tangled. Her pain was mine and mine was hers and God wants us both healed.

I believe deeply that God wants this for us all. Or I would not be here working so hard to get through. Is just go on my merry way and just forget Mama. But God won’t let me and now I don’t want to because I am so excited about what’s next. God does not clean up things for no reason. It’s always to make room for better.

Mama will get all her answers after she gets that this is God doing a big work for us and helping us clean our slates. Mama needs to put her slate down now and look at what is. And what is is that:

  • Her girl loves her
  • That’s all is forgive once we confess
  • That we must confess on to the other
  • And then we must work to make so many good memories that the old ones just fade away.
  • That’s time and come spring cleaning can do wonders for perspective
  • Faith is the substance of things hoped for
  • The evidence of this unseen
  • Her kids pretty smart
  • Her daughters not a quitter, even when she wants her to be
  • Her family is whole now or almost.
  • She’s pretty lucky to have such a strong kid who cares this much to put her life on hold to fight demons with her words God gave her and set us free
  • She pretty lucky I am a spiritual warrior in prayer. I can ask God for a parking space and I get it.
  • That her daughter walks by faith
  • That her daughter is a preacher, since a child.

God loves us all this much. But I had to answer the call to do this. I don’t have to go here with Mama and me. I could be like many Adoptees and just languish and sulk.

But I spit on each hand when God called me up to bat. And I slammed it out of the park for Mama sake, for God glory and for folks to see. God still alive and still has healing in his wings. You just got to learn to fly and trust God.


There is no place to run from my love. Our separation has shown me that truth. I’ve purged all I could find to throw out of me, and lovingly asked all the questions I could to learn what I could and can from a way of life I’ve known all this life, so that I can live anew. Let us forgive and never forget how easy it is to get lost in the illusions of separation. Let us forgive. Let’s be the change to this math equation and solve it. Forgiveness is the x we solve for.

Do the math and see. Xo.

Love you princess.

Don’t kid yourself

Don’t kid yourself at thinking that I don’t know we all fear loosing our Mamas. Many have much time with them and time does not take her place in any measure or form you try to cram it into. The name I know is Adoption. But Adoption meant death of my Mama to me, and no one even helped me mourn her loss. I had to find away myself to mourn for her, alone.

Dont kid yourself into thinking that just because I was two days old I did not feel what was going down. I also knew my Mama was gone. And I learned that no one was gonna help me find her, or take me home to her. It was on me to fix this. My reputation was shot with Mama. So don’t kid yourself if you think I had a Mama, yep, I did, and I lost her.  Growing up adopted, says I lost my family. Dont kid yourself to think it means anything else to us kids. Loss, that is what it means. Any gain, we must fight for and work for, and the deck is staked against us.

DNA makes the differences in us all, and children that are kept having it hard when they are not like their Mama’s, but sending a child to a stranger is much more difficult to navigate. Like nothing makes sense. Making sense was important to me, and I did not make sense, nor did life make sense to me. When you want to make sense and life does not make sense? Well, good luck. So, don’t kid yourself.

So, don’t kid yourself into thinking, you won’t be touched by adoptions loss. There are trillions of us, you are going to be touched. Our loss is the worlds loss. If we don’t get this one, we will have to pay the universe back for all the mess we make moving children around mindlessly. Dont kid yourself if you think God can’t see. Ive given myself to God, God sees through me. God feels through me what its like and still we don’t listen. WE just do what we want, and to hell with rules or higher law.

Don’t kid yourselves, one day loss will catch up to you, and you’ll know how I feel. When your Mama’s gone and you can’t get to her, or hear her voice and have a hug. You’ll know then what I felt at two days old, going home without Mama. image-9