The truth about many Adoptees

The truth about many Adoptees is that we don’t adjust properly, because we not afforded services to make sure that we did. This, is a huge whole in the system that has advertised to make peoples dreams come true, and who has not even insured that each and every child adjusts to their new environment. Many Adoptees are told fairytales and live them only to find out that it was a lie, we feel denied the common decency of consideration for what we, as humans have lost. Grief must be validated to be accepted. We must accept that we grieve to adjust to a loss so huge it has left many of us reeling and this loss is experienced at such a crucial time in our lives, that we struggle to live without even having the people that say they love us to support our loss to save their overlay dreams on us. We are not puppets. We are humans, with DNA that links us to each other. WE who are Adopted are linked to those who’s DNA does not match ours. And our struggle can be removed when the world realizes what they do to us, those who’ve grown up as invisible slaves for the sake of morality. Tied to a stake, like dogs who want to go home.

Do not leave us to rott. Adoptees need closure to their full circle and their Mama’s do too. Its 2018 and Mama are hiding from their children for fear? Fear that the mirror of their child will reflect the truths they know within, from experience they have seen what the world thought about them when they did not tell a soul. As a Queen cloaked, they heard the truth beyond their own. And our Mama’s should not fear, the experiment failed. It wasn’t our Mama’s fault, but we all can learn from it and do better. The fault would be if we did nothing.


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