Chelsie Lynn.. Where?


Vacations over girl. Come home to yourself already! You’re great! I love all of you! Even your back side! I am right here waiting impatiently as usual! LOL.. I love you true sweetie. This is my heart. I don’t care about all that stuff we got, I’ll take all of you, warts and eyelashes. That is the point. I am solid so you can fly! I an the rock that holds you down, keeps you grounded. All is love sweet cheeks. Look for it, and let the lies go, let them out. Speak the lie and it not longer has a hold on you. Like me. I told all, I am real. Solid.

I love and miss you. You, not what you do, just you. No strings except love for you always in my heart and mind. Dont be tripping girl. We are so dope. We are solid. We are family. That is how this Adoptee Mama feels about her kid. Good, bad, you are part of me. And I approve of myself, and I approve of you in all you glory and splendor. I am so happy for my surprise child, now a woman. I respect you. I may not understand, but I respect you. And that is a high gift you have earned from me. Love is a given for a Mama. But respect is earned.

I would respect you more if you called me. LOL Yeah, I am honest. I miss you like hell and was so upset I did not get to see you on your birthday. I hope me coming made you feel special, don’t bother about my family and what they think about it or me. I got that shit on lock. And I am not going anyway, but up from here.

Call me girl, you know my number. Push that button. Blow me up and lets catch up. I am so excited to hear your stories. You always have goods ones. Anyway. Hope you Sunday was restful and filled with love. I pray Gods blessing for this coming week to chase you down the street! Amen

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