Tweet, tweeet… here’s what Adoptees are tweeting.

It means the world to those of us that just did not adjust to Adoption like Adoption thought we should. Not everyone’s glad to Be adopted and rid of their families. Many of us hold on because no one said let go. The body is weird like that. We go into high gear and feel what’s been done before we even have words to describe it.

These tweets are from those who have weather the storm Adoption put them into and tweet about the truth behind this supposed iron curtain affair. I don’t care how thick the wall, god can bring it down with our voices of reason. With our swords of truth we cut through the steel and expose what’s behind that curtain called Love to show dismay, depression, loss, pain, longing, confusion, all energies of a person off course.

My question is this: if Adoption so great why doesn’t everyone give their child up to Adoption? If Adoptions so great how come Children grow up feeling confused and rejected?

Thanks for diving deep with me today.


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