I live with this woman

I live with this woman that I call Mother.

And Ive loved her like God says, no other

But she’s is mean and cruel

I have broken no rule

Except for loving my Mama still

Jealously is a mean task master

When the love of this Child you crave

And my loves not for sale

And that is my tale

You have to earn your own

And approach the throne

Of this child

From Linda

She’ll take Your abuse and words of manipulation

And spit them right back in your face.

I love you like God says

But you are not my Mama.

She would never treat me this way

If she knew

How you treated the child she Entrusted to you

You bitch and you moan about her this and that.

All tangled up in me

Yes she is the stranger that gave you this angel

And respecting her is her due

How can love grow in such poison

But mine did in this dark wretched place

In your pain and loss, I am my own child

As you treat me like a slave and degrade my own Mama

Your wrong my Mamas not mean.

She’s confused

She thought you would love me

But you love your own self

And I’m tired of jumping yet another one of your hoops

This circus dogs tired and worn

I want to go home

Where ever that is

Mamas to turned around to get it

Mama Jean said she never would believe me

And she must be right

It’s like a spell I can’t break

Lord, just give me peace

If you can’t give me my Mama

Just give me peace in this place.

Cause my stress to leave me

And my heart to beat rightly

Help me eat as I should

And exercise at day light.

This is my struggle

Between two woman I am loyal too

And one is jealous and the other is blind to my love

Lord. How did I get here?

I just want to go home

I just want love from my Mamas until they are old

And they are all angry at me for showing the world all this mess

Cuz if I have to live without Mama

Everyone should know why I came home

How important she was to me

How important she know

Mamas should know children love them

Even if they send them away

I feel I am in abusive relationship with two Mamas

I need to quite this addiction

My Mamas don’t care

They got what they wanted from me

And they don’t want to hear how it felt

Children have it hard enough in this world

Without Mamas doing this to kids

I need to accept that God is my Mama

And get some rest


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