What will we do about it?

I sent the woman I kept at my Mama’s home to this place. They lost her bag, or kept it from her when she asked where her possession where. They turned her away after I trusted that they would keep her safe. I want people to know that this happened and that it needs to be addressed.


The purpose of the Good News Rescue Mission is to bring Good News to the poor, homeless, or needy of Shasta County by:

  • Sharing the love of God exemplified by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.
  • Providing emergency subsistence services (food, shelter, and clothing).
  • Providing long term recovery services.
  • Educating and equipping the people of Shasta County to effectively minister to needy people.

Now, I went to this place. And I trusted them with this woman life. She called me upset and distraught after they withheld her belongings and Sheewed her away like a dog without them in hand. 

Yes, I am upset that this happened and that I can not call someone in redding at this supposed sanctuary. I am shocked at how these people are treated at this facility.  Excuse me, I did not treat her this way in my own Mama’s home! People please.

Take a moment to think about it. Take a moment to say, but for the grace of God go I. And what would you want Jesus to do? Turn you away? Tell you to shut up? Tell you to suck it up? Or maybe write through a woman like me to wake you up to whats really going on.

My feeling is is that if this place can not make her feel safe like she did at my house? Something gone wrong. I don’t know who turned her away? And I don’t even care why, it should not have happened when their goal is to turn no one away. Now, I can’t talk to who’s in charge because it Saturday and no ones there to speak with and that is a shame too. How can I get her warm safe shelter when I have a situation with no one manning the helm at this place to speak to or rectify the situation and garner her things and maybe clear this all up?

As I work my new Job as this woman pastor, I see. Will you look at it too? Because homelessness is not going away, but how we look at it and address it can change.  But what I see is we have to realize that we could be her, I was a long time ago in need of a home, and I was taken in. I want to make that happen for the woman I pastor right now as a new pastor stepping up to this plate. God will not let me turn away and I see that I need help, bad. I need Gods people to help me, turn one life around today.

There are no bars on this place to show you its a prison. But as I listened to the preacher try to preach to these folks that walked all day in the weather so they could go sleep, I could see a prison with only bars in the minds of those who served these Jesus’s of the day. With guards that tell you to leave if you don’t like it, and people that look hopeless trying to find there way in this fog of a Rescue missions statement gone sour. I hope for a better way. I want to be part of that way. I want to start that way, today.

Go to a homeless shelter tonite and eat with these people if you want to know the truth. Meet them, talk to them and see what hope is being served to them. And if its not what you would want, do something about it right where you are like me.

I want to bring her back to my home, but I am limited too. I am limited by the amount of funds and food I have, but my heart is filled with love to give. Help me make a difference for her and I’ll help make a difference for many. From what I see, it can be better if we know better and treat people with dignity and respect, they shine. I did this for her, and she shined and I sent her to this place and they threw shit all over what I had done giving her hope.

These people need us. They need hope. They need faith in a faithless world. Where is the church if not in our hearts, we have been had our salvation purchased for a price, in the blood spilled by a savor, and it is our duty to show those who are deemed the least of these how grateful to God we are by sharing the wealth god has given us and showing them how to gain their own.

I want to think better of these peoples idea of hope, but from what I experienced the other day? I can’t, they did not show me any hope. I saw no hope and felt little hope except in the words from those who were there seeking hope.

Thank you.

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