This is how I feel about Mama Jean.

I do come from good stock. I just mean, it takes some of great character who is a character to love a woman who’s done the things I’ve told you about here. She’s what I call a warrioress. And she’s one of my, the main trainer of my whole life. Mind, body, spirit.

That woman has had th high honor and not disgrace to raise a child produced in a very wild time for a high purpose. Like this purpose here about raising consciousness on the planet by being a truth sayer. It’s a hard job, but rewarding when God shows you the results of you obedience to show up and speak your truth. As a witness, salt for change. I’ve walked a salty road folks. But what are we if we loose our savor? Salt preserves us spiritually. Because we are spirits within these bodies made from earth. Water, bacteria, dirt, breathed with life which is what we call spirit.

Mama Jean has my respect and I respect her like she taught me, truthfully. A lie she can not respect. And I am no lie.

Thanks for watching the video and hearing the words. This is what I all want for us to feel for those who showed up. I want forgiveness, and healing. I also want repentance and change. This is no fluff ball idea. But to be the change we want to see we must also face our truth to know how far we have come. I want a truly complete happy ending where all forgive and repent, have a change of heart and we change it. It’s one thing to do something in ignorance, it’s another to continue once you know better.

This is the Information Age. Nothing is hidden. I share here with the full knowing of this fact. I live my life like that and stay true to myself. If I am viewed as crazy by someone? I simply assume that the person doing this is just unaware of this now common knowledge I speak of here or anywhere for that matter. So I educate them. Some people enjoy learning. And don’t feel dumb. But some react and so when these kind of reactions happen? I know there is something more I am there to look at and learn from.

People carry emotions for years. Like me. About something we think we have on lock. Those emotions come back up. But to get to the gold, the dross must be burned out first. Now ya know mine. And I’m a clean as you go girl. Everyone should just say the truth. I mean you thought it didn’t you? So The way I see it, God knows and thoughts are things. It’s better to say you thought it then let its brew in there and reek havoc. Like no harm truth in words. The truth is kind. It’s is kind to tell the truth. People need to stop being so soft? Are we insane? We all should know the truth. We don’t have to hold onto someone trash mouthin?

Trash mouthin is letting shit talk go. I’d rather know my mascaras running or smeared, than walk all day being the clown and not know it! Thank you. I am kind.

There I have barfed up today’s writings of meandering thoughts inside my head.

Thanks for diving deep with me. It’s cool having a place to express myself and have folks come by. Those who know me and are friends know I am a bit to take. Tall drink of water. Salt water. So. Thanks for showing up and reading here. It’s nice to know folks out there identify with me and that’s what I bring to you here.

I am just a woman in America, talking about shit and figuring it out. I am a self help fanatic!i came from the damn 60’s? Power to the people!

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