I like fanatical people.

I like fanatical people. Like my Mama for intense. She’s a Jesus freak of sorts. She probably does not like me saying that. But being from the sixties like I am, she needs to know it’s a complement. She’s fanatical about God, Jesus, and God’s word. And that is so cool because so am I. I’m just a newer version of the Jesus freaks today. I’m a new kind of cat about town preacher. Who’s been preaching forever and doing God’s work. Ask my kids.

And I’m radical. I’m a radical Jesus freak who’s been trained by God. God took me from my Mama. And God trained me through whom ever God wanted to use. I learned from God. So, I’m am not conventional. I know convention. Yes. But I was trained for changing it and birthing a new plan that’s updated and better than before.

My Mama has to realize her child’s a preacher? Surely she can see that. A very raw brass tacks kind of a no-nonsense preacher that cuts through the bull of the matter?

And excuse me but I’m putting it on the line right now in front of everyone. I’m being the change I want to see and Mama Jeans holding on for dear life! As I lay it on this line I am drawing In The sandbox time.

I am standing up for what I believe in and to be tested. And I have tested it. And they work but we must practice them to see results? I am helping a woman up the ladder of her own success. I am showing up to help the least of these? But it’s takes a village to help those who help teach folks how to fish. Oh. I am exhausted people. Can we not see?

Children being jerked around all Willy nilly. People thrown from here to there like sheep in the stalls of life? Our Sheppard. The sheep I speak to who know about the Shepard and who are supposed to follow him? Yeah. Those people. What are we doing? Stop and look at what is. What is before you speaking from me? What am I saying?

Many things and yet one. Get fanatical enough about God to treat everyone like God! Treat people like you want to be treated! Blow there mind when your honest! Open them up. Let them blow your mind when they get honest? Let them open you up? We all got something to say and a reason to be here. What is it? Humanity is part of the answer. So humans are key? How can we make this game of life a win win?

Let’s get fanatical about caring for others like we want to be cared for.

Smoke a Jesus joint! Get high on God.

If folks felt truly loved, even when messy or smelly, maybe they would not be smelly or messy? Maybe the smell is the stench from a bag of garbage someone gave them long ago and they can’t seem to, or don’t have a knife to cut it ok. Love is the highest sword of truth that can cut any smelly bag off someone so they can smell the sweetness of life again.

Get fanatical about life! Let’s be and practice truly caring for others and take the time to teach someone better, not just complain. I have taught my Mama better about me. It’s blew her mind so bad she struggled to even believe that she did not have the complete 411 about her child’s growing up years. I did it. But it was hard.

And I never gave up on my Mama. And I stood up for her. People thought I was crazy for lovin and caring about her? Crazy for loving and standing up for both Mamas? That is crazy not me. I’ve got two Mama that I care for and stand up for. Im fanatical about Moms and God and helping folks. Im putting my life on the line I draw in this sand of time or sandbox line.

This must change we now know better and my peps are backing each other up. Our stories back up our truths and findings about this experiment called Adoption and foster care.

There must also be change come to how we the church treat the least of these. We must help train people to know better so they can do better.

Thanks for diving deep with me.

God bless.

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