How can children ripped from there home and heritage who are thrown into darkness thrive? Adoptees deal with so much misinformation or lack of information to answers question every child that is kept has right in front of their face.

My Mama hides her truth from me and thinks I can’t see. “That’s ok Mama, I learned to read between the lines and we Adoptees have to do this to thrive. Stories are not always the truth of the matter and if we are what they say, protected from our Mamas truth how can we rise above it?

God is still on the throne. As adoptees come out of the fog of the story land told them to see the truth is plain as day. It’s like cold water splashed in our protected faces when it hits us. Don’t expect us to hide our shock. The world did this to us and it’s us that have the information to change it when we speak up.

It’s bad customer service. Adoption is not a good business and the service is so bad that we who have been served lack what every child kept has, a heritage, our Mamas, and family. How is this helpful? And don’t tell me I’m like every other child when I pack all that. Just don’t. We are denied the one person who has all the answers we seek. She denied us herself with the help of the church and society.

Don’t even say we are the same as everyone else and that our road is easy. Because it’s not with all these missing pierced? Seriously is that so hard for folks to see? I guess so? Well, we need to speak up and show the world what we want them to see and that take courage that we all do have from years of living without the one person that was supposed to be our ultimate friend, our Mamas.

We have had to be strong without even our Mamas to guide us except by the kicking of out of her womb. Good bye? Good luck? See you on the flip side like we are going to some great Adoption world in glory land. It’s not glory land. It’s traumatic and confusing and I am exposing Adoption for just that. It’s ignorance painted with a white wash coat of paint. We bleed through. So don’t shame us for telling you about such a dumb idea. Don’t be angry we show you how dumb. Do something about it!

If our Mamas could find the strength they used to walk away and use it to back us up? This would change. We must pierce the veil so shame can ooze out and our Mamas can get free. Hope springs from our broken hearts and our Mamas need to drink from our well of truth to wake them from their self imposed Nightmares. We are the hope of a new future. And our truth from experiences have the powers to wake this world up. But we must use our voices that have been so quiet waiting for our turn to speak.

That’s what I speak of here to cheer us all on in my wild radical manor. Raffle the cage they tried to put us in and show them we are not in it and never were in that cage. Only in the minds of those who hatched this plan to make us disappear is the cage even real. I am free. And I tell it all. And no one can stop me now. Not even Mama.

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