Oh? You think I am alone? Watch and see.

Oh? You think I am alone? Watch and see. I know how many of there are! All invisible to you? My army of people. And we love each other.

There’s one thing we agree on. This has to stop! And my people have not even, begun to speak. You think I am bad? Oh, you kid yourself. I’m one of the forerunners working to get y’all ready for it! You better get ready because we are grown now! And fed up about this state of affairs!

Personally I’m fed up about a lot of things and I think we need to clean up the church first! We are the one who don’t realize who’s we all are! Inherently we are God’s!!

Why would God send his son for a bunch of bastards? Do we feel we are bastards if God and need to be adopted? Oh my! Lordy. Pray Mama pray. The alarm sounds!! From your seed! Each us comes from the breath of god and is woven within our Mamas womb! All of us! Even Adoptees, drunks, disabled, mentally challenged, homeless! All.

Today. Do something! Anything! For God who is your king! Be the queens and kings of God that work to attain! Work to Reign.

I have been in the streets. I’ve seen the eyes looking back at me for someone who will help. I can’t turn away not run from those eyes that are showing me the spirit of God that lives within human flesh. To not know this is true is horrible, and to not realize that we each are called to do something to help so that all can rule and reign on this planet is beyond me. Way off.

Are we not a village that live on a rock, cell in space by a string no one can see? And do we not say, “It takes a village to raise a child”? All children matter even when grown. We are all someone’s child. Is this how we treat one another? Hoarding up for ourselves while others struggle? Oh my.

I am not alone in this. There are many who work to show themselves approved and many who just ride in the boat and throw money around and not enough of it obviously. My Mama works for God to show herself approved. Mama Jean does too by supporting my efforts on the rock bottom ground floor. Doing that work and practicing the precepts. I slay.

Come slay with me.

Psychecafe@att.net is my PayPal email. Donate or email me ideas. I want to connect to those Adoptees and those who just want to make this world a better place for all. I’m new at this. Yes. And I am fired up. It things got to change around here! Let’s do this.

Thanks for diving deep into my pool of thoughts.

God bless!

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