It’s the love that makes the difference.

It’s the love that makes difference as we have had to grow up with strangers that love us more than our own Mama we are changed forever. It’s the love of a person who dared to show up for a job another tapped out on that even made it so I could go home and have a second look at how far I have come. I owe that to my Mamas.

One Mama tapped out and one Mama took over. And that’s love even a confused girl can see. But we still want to know why our Mamas only loved us enough to give us life and others stay to finish the job. I’m blessed to be the girl who’s Mama gave her away, clearly I see that she doesn’t have it in her to be my Mama. And clearly I see my strange angel did. And I love her more today for that fact.

I love my Mama Jean more today because she Wales through this fire with me and never let me go. She held on and took my hand like so many times before when I had to do something hard, like a Mama would she did. For me. Again and again she shows up and again and again she’s there. And I am grateful for a woman like that.

I don’t lay prostrate before her because she would not let me. She made me stand beside her, until I was ready. And she held my hand while I did what I had to do. And that love man. That’s pure love without strings. Just the one from her heart to mine filled with pure love to keep me going. Don’t ask me how? I don’t know. But I see clearly now, God did the right thing for me.

And now I can move on and just be me. Listen to this story and this guys song about his Mama who’s gone. It’s about the Mama who showed up and love him. And it will make you cry but we are used to that now aren’t we? Hope springs from Angels that show up to do a hard job raising kids who’s parents gave up on you and in the end, themselves. And we are the products of that love. It’s not easy to love another persons persevere mistake. But Mama Jean did just fine.

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