Like of course a child knows the energy they were procreated in? It’s in them? But that does not mean that they operate in the energy that they were conceived in. We each come to transcend our parents and be the evolution they wish to see in the world.


My Mama wanted to make sure that I got the best life. And if it meant to give me up for my highest good, then she would do just that and pay the price as well. She could not see at the time the price I would pay for her decision. And that’s what I have shown her by being honest and forthright. I have evolved as Mama wished. I honor both my Mamas each for their contribution to my life. Neither are better or worse. They just are my Mamas. Plain and simple and not all this other stuff. It’s just how it is for me.

I apologize it so complicated and hard to keep up with? But get over it. This is my life. And I love it. I love my Mamas. And I am learning so much. And have learned so much being me, a child from Linda, raised by Jean who’s name is Belinda Jean. It’s pretty cool. It’s pretty riveting. It’s pretty much a miracle to me. How much I do love my Mamas.

Like I am the energizer bunny. I just keep on going. And it’s a good thing cuz I got two good Mamas. And I am not sure what everyone got upset about anyway? Unless it hit something in them? Because in the end it’s all love. So what were you thinking this was about?

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