It’ s so damn fun…when

It is just so damn fun being Adopted.

It is so damn fun being privately adopted, and coming home to a woman that never told a soul about your existence and dealing with it.

Its so fun being Adopted and trying to be the best  Adoptee you can, and failing because no one really wants to be adopted. Its kind of a death of sorts and a trying to go on as though your hearts not ripped out kind of thing.

It is so fun being an Adopted woman, trying to be a Mom when her own Mama left her with such big whole in her heart, and pouring the pain on your own children, trying to make them see how hard it is to see them getting to be kept by you. Its rough seeing your children get what you did not get yourself. Its conflicted and twisted and you are so happy you could keep your kids and yet so sad, you yourself will never know what that feels like.

Its so fun being Adopted and having your family wish you did not tell anyone you are Adopted. I just love that one. Its so fun trying to be what they labeled you and having people tell you not to fly you freak flag. Yep, so fun.

Its soo fun being Adopted and having your kids tell you to get over it, when they never had too, thanks to you. So fun.

It is so fun to be Adopted and to work up the courage to call home, to go home, to search for Mama, and have her just turn you away again and again and again. Love it.

Its so fun being Adopted, love the label, so loving and of course no confusion there? NONE.

I just love being an Adoptee, and having to deal with your children, that you kept and spared from the pain of really knowing how you feel,  just to have them reject you too and abandon you at the instructions of the woman who rejected you so long ago. Its Just so fun.

Its so fun being Adopted and having folks misunderstand you. I love writing here and being misunderstood. I just love the lack of support from a family that so wanted me and so wanted me gone. So fun.

I just love being Adopted and coming out of the fog to find, I am alone again. I stand alone and cry because no one seems to get me, or what I am saying.

Its so fun being Adopted and holding it in for so long that when it all comes out it just makes a  mess, and those your trying to reach turn away, and leave you there, as a shame on you for even trying to open up and find peace from it all.

I love being Adopted and finding my bio family, I love calling my family a bio family, not. So nice coming home to a family that gets me and has of course read up on Adoption and is ready for me. so nice.

I love being called Adopted and then told its just like everyone else, except that everyone else is not called Adopted and has no need to explain why they are.

Its just so damn fun being Adopted and having your children act like your insane, disabled, a weirdo, wish you would shut up and move on, treat you like shit, disrespect you by leaving you and hurting you again and again by being so entitled to treat you like that because they have no idea what you feel like, because their own Mama, (you) kept them and tried to do her best.

I love being Adopted and being a MOM of now two woman and trying to be the best Mama in the world just to find that the game is rigged and you never will ever be a good Mama because your Mama left and cut your heart into pieces, and the one she gave you to had no clue as to what that even did to you. Lovely.

Its just so damn fun to find out that you suck. After thinking you didn’t. Its so fun when you kids tell you the truth with a slammed door in the face. I love sucking. So fun.

Its just so fun when you want your family back so bad you can taste it, to find out your just delusional and insane to even want them back .

Its so fun being Adopted, your sisters will never want you.

Its so fun being Adopted, your Mama doesn’t want you.

Its just so damn fun being Adopted!


Praise God I am adopted. Surely God loves me so much that he made my Mama Adopt me out!




Thank you Jesus! I am so happy to be an American Adoptee that was separated from my family never to be reunited again for real… It was just a joke on me.

Even Cambodia is better at reunions and cares.

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