Adoption On- coming out of the fog.

This website is a great resource for those coming out of the fog about adoption. When we realize that we are still our Mamas and Daddys Children is a rough touch down. Especially if our Mamas are resistant and still stuck in our birth energy.

Waking up to your child coming home when your Mama did not plan to ever see you again is a rough road. But, breath. The trauma is over it’s just a haunting vibration hitting.

Your head spins this way and that. And the natural pull home kind of takes over. It’s like the body just wants its Mama back and the brain is like? What?

Follow this link below and find resources to cope with all the intense emotions that bubble up when your body has had enough of trying to maintain a life and a box you have put grown.

Be encourage. And know. You are not alone in your waking up from the fog. I am here praying for us all. I am here telling you and showing you my journey home to myself beyond what my Mama thought.

Be brave and be real. Crying is brave. It’s harder to hold it in. And it’s time me all let it all hang out. It’s time to heal.

God bless you on your journey and remember. I’m lifting ya all up in prayer and meditation.

This shits rough! Xo

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