What kind of daughter am I if my own Mama does not bless the woman who raised me?

What kind of daughter am I if my own Mama does not bless the woman who raised me?

Like surely you see that? I mean what kind of daughter to you both? What kind of daughter would not hold space for the Mama she came from? Really? Would if you died and were not going to give me away? Should I have just forgotten you? What honor is in that? Hmm? Let’s talk turkey. Its is not right.

This may be raw, but what kind of woman signs away her child and then when the child returns, does not see the blessing and bless the one who raise her?

What kind of daughter do you wish me to be? One who forgets where she came from and damns it to hell to never be remembered? NO. I would be damning myself, surely you can see that? I honor you both and work to talk sense into you both.

Like the jig is up. And Adoption is what we called it. But Mama Jean has been grafted into our family as the words says, We all are  grafted into Gods family. By example shown to us by God we must bring honor to her. Forgive me for mentally slapping you around, but your mind was so stuck. You did not seem to realize what has been offered to you? And what you need to offer? And receive? Both of you.  This woman is wild and classy and fun, she taught me, and I think I am pretty good. With the body your body made for me and the minds of you and Dad? And Mama Jean being used by God to preen me. And the love I have for her?

You won’t let me fail in this task? What will it say of me? And what does it say about the family I came from? That I could not talk sense into them to do the right thing and get over the past so we can unite and spend time getting to know one another? IS this family to good for her? Is Mama Jean not good enough? Like who is she? Seriously, I hope not.

Do you know when anyone will be called home, truly? Shall we not take this grand opportunity to let our light so shine? Like Christ died for us all. You are the Queen of the realm I came from, and Mama Jean is the Queen of where I went too and both of you have ruled over me. I want to have honor for you both. And a gesture on your part is needed. Surely your friends have found my site? Can they not help you do this? Are the girls so backward? Do they not see?

And as we do this, all is forgiven and it becomes a story we tell for years to come. Of our reuniting and the accepting of our Old Member into our ranks, worthy of honor by our Clan. And our Queen, to my other Queen.

That is why Victoria needs to get the lead out. It is time for us all to celebrate and stop licking wounds. And the other two sisters, please assist. Why must I have to come home and direct all of you in proper protocol?




  • 1.the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions: protocol forbids the prince from making any public statement in his defense”

As the First Adoptee to propose a unity such as this by both of my jointly governing Mothers. I an Adoptee call protocol for all reunions to follow this model and or adjust this model as needed.

Mothers should meet and go through the proper steps to provide this needed unity for the good of the child who has been adopted and has come home.

I personally recommend that all Adoptees upon having the mindset to pursue their parents and the same for the parents. I feel that with the proper mindset of an adjust meant period. I feel work shops for all parties involved, designed around reunion success is sorely needed. I feel that as grown Adoptees, that our wishes must be now at the forefront of the mind of all involved in some way with Adoptions, which by our numbers, Adoptions touches everyone. I feel that Adoptees must be respected for their right to want to know. It is a must for our civil rights as well has the humane right to contact to our heritages.

I feel that the foster care system need to recognize that it is always in the best interest of the children to keep them with their families. The success of a family is dependent on the success of the children of tomorrow. It is imperative that this movement succeed in the task at hand, which is the GREAT COMING HOME.


Is that to much to ask after 55 years? Is my price just to high? Are we only capable of languishing, and lazily just staying the same? Have not your children lived long enough without you? And have you not punished yourselves enough? Are we saying that we can not mend this enormous tear in the fabric God is trying to weave. Have we all gone mad?

When will, enough be enough?

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