Luke 9:62

Always remember Mama. I came back to take you with me to our new day. I have held this space and you held space for me. I wanted you to know and god, the depth of the love God gave me for you. God wishes that none should perish, no not one. And that includes your mind. No loosing your mind except what is within so better can come in and take it place and grow a great garden filled with love.

Love pushed all that does not resonate with it out of us. Our love is great. And it pushed us back together and together to work it out and come clean. God would have nothing better than that this for his children, we. Complete restoration and healing is god’s highest gift. I received it long ago. But your love drew me back to bring you forward with me. There were some residual energies that kept us stuck. I did not want to let go of you. And God honored my request and helped me.

And hell I went through with you to prove God’s love through me for you. I willingly let god use me for you. That’s how Deep god’s love goes. He goes for the one and brings them back to abundance to the 99. Always.

And remember. God’s word is living and speak differently to everyone. But all is love. Even if you think it tasted like hate. I was lovingly helping you let go of some stuff. You had gotten so used to it, you did not realize it. You were disconnected to your emotions and anger and fear where all you were seeing in me. I am made from love. And have been lovingly confronting the emotions. You got triggered. Phil was not there to talk you down. God used me. Ok? I can explain more if you like? Over wine! If you come get me?

Luke 9:62

New International Version

Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

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