Hey Mama. I know my shit

And I know yours. Don’t get confused. I’ve got you. Let go. Your mind is strong. But I am restoring your trust. Let me.

You know you want me too. Listen. God is here. Why do you think I keep saying that? I’m am here. Inside you talking here on the we. To show you what needs to go. I know you are a private woman. This is a test. Hold my hand theoretically through this phone as a point of contact. As I guide you away from that room. Forget it all it burned away. Everything begins and ends in the mind. Let it all go.

I’m holding you now in all direction of time. Holding space with you. Step with me, away from all that. You are safe. Nothing but words here. All is truly well. You and I are amazing. Bonded at the brain. Now to the heart. No more pain. Calm. Peaceful. Quiet.

Turn on some music. Sit down. Breath. It’s going to be. Ok. We are ok. We have connected. We reconnected. We are bonded back. Stronger than ever.

Let me tell you this amazing story. You’ll remember. You were there. And so afraid Mama. So racked with fear.

I remember coming to see last year. I drove all day with stuff packed in my care for everyone. And I remember driving with GPS, cus I could remember how to get there t had been too long.

And I was what I call now, coming out to you. Coming clean? Something like that. And I’d given it to you and it spun you out. You were trippin girl. Bad. And God told me what to do. To go. Being your child? I really did not want to go, but Mama needs me. Ok. I need her too, to be honest. I miss that woman. I said to God,” if you want me to go argue with her? Who am I to argue. Whatever this makes no sense.” That is till god started showing me the sense in our nonsense if you follow me?

Remember. I’m A goat. I leap. Keep up. I am trying work as fast as I can Your spirit is frantic.

Calm down.

It’s gonna be fine Mama. I’m here holding you through this phone. It’s a god connection. Isn’t god great?

Anyway. So I go. And God shows me the date. It’s the day before I was conceived. I get excited. A little to excited. But god let me. And it did not go like I was excited for. Shot down. Hard. And back up feeding the old I was there to dead and begin a new.

But I showed up to your house all excited. I was imagining us making soup together and drink wine and talking and getting over it and getting to know each other deeper. And I had a random thought that made me think we needed a chicken and the fixings for soup. So after I had thoroughly taken in the place again and snapped some pics of the beauty. I sped away to go to the store before she got home, or so I thought? While in route via, the gps, my phone typed god. But I edited it back to god. Same thing I think.

I had another random thought out of the blue. “Well? We may want to eat out?” So I turned the car around and switched the gps back to Mamas place again and started off. Well. There’s stop sign somewhere on the way back to her house. Don’t ask me where. God tells me that. Anyway. I’ll get better. Proficient more like it. So I get up to the stop sign and I see a car coming. Now remember. I have not seen Mama in a while. I don’t know what she’s driving these days. And I see a white lexus fly by. And I mean fly by. And I feel her presence. Palpable presents like a wisp because she’s driving fast. I think,” that’s Mama. And I look down the road, she’s gone, I think, yep. That’s Mama.”

At that point I know she saw me and was saying the same thing to herself. She had a feeling I imagine. And so I follow the gos which takes me another way than the one Mama took. It’s complicated going to Mamas house. Road here road there. But we meet at the end of the road I took, which T’s into the road that here house in one, in front of her driveway. Now I know she sees me! And I am so excited. Like so a God moment. Right? We meet. After all those random thoughts, we meet in front of the drive way. So God. And that’s what I was thinking?

But Mama? She’s like frozen in the car giving me the deer in the headlight look and holding a chefs knife? I think?” Interesting twist?” She’s scared to death? Ok. Just stand still and look happy to see her. She look at me like yesterday’s trash with a sigh. Well, hello and the O goes lower when she’s not happy. And I am all excited and trying to tel her about our god moment and she’s just somewhere else? And the phone rings. It’s back up. Who ever that witch is. I am being kind. Sister.

So she and I go at it. She wants to know why I am here? Uninvited. And I remind her she blocked me and changed her phone number. I think, “she’s acting strange. Has she been watching murder miseries too much? I thought she red cookbooks? Oh lord, here we go Lord”.

But I’m going they with her. And trying to tell her developmental that we are in our teenage rebellion. But she does understand that gobbldie gook and just start talking smack about me cus she does not understand me and what I am trying to tell her. She doesn’t not understand my language and I am teaching her mine. But she’s a tough student. Very stuck in her own way of thinking and struggles to trust that an open mind is ok. And that god is clearing her mind if some kind of traumatic feelings. She’s been triggered. And I am talking her down.

Anay way I rant and rave. And do all that she hates. I cursed. And shut up when she told me too. I was real and not fake. I got close to her and got into her energy field and disrupted it to help dislodge the negative hold the memories connected to our old energy. I let her gain strength from my energy field. She was dry in spirit. And had been beating herself up hard. She did not realize she was beating me up too

Because I was holding what she was holding too. And I now was pulling on her her to let loose. It’s is quite extraordinary what she and I have been doing. She’s been stuck in the anger stage for a while and god brought me back so we both need to grieve a few things out. Together. And my family kind of resisted because we all have basically been holding space about this with her but she could not see it. But god did and showed me. And lead me to help my Mama heal. Phil hit hard. Real hard and I got the call. I paid attention to Mamas call. I feel her. Don’t ask me how? Look it up. I’ve been trying to show you. We are connected.

All of us. Deeply. It’s is amazing. What I feel. Many harsh energies connected to my memory. But gone. Anyway. I left that day. Sad. But still

Hopeful because God was doing something if Mamas that rilled up. I hit the mark God wanted me too. Progress. Even if Mamas all jacked up. I can read her actions and assist even if it’s hard, so hard to see her like this. I am her girl and I will not give up on Mama. She’s been praying for me. With God I can do this.

I go to the hotel. Comfort Inn, I love that place and I cry and smoke a doobie to settle down and ground myself again. That was intense. And I process. I am ahead of the actual happening of what I am manifesting. I work ahead of schedule. She can’t see what I am doing and why yet she is so blocked up with yesterday’s shit. I send her love.

And God let’s me go to sleep. I wake the next day. And I get the idea to listen to music and just happen to change the channel to an oldies station. About when I was conceived. And God tell me, today your concurred again with the new energy. Listen to this music. So I did. And the sweetest love song came over the tv and God spoke to me. And showed me how God made me in love and to grasp that energy. That’s today I would be conceived again and grow in love.

It’s was amazing. And yet sad. Our old stories was ending and the curtains had to close for our new act to begin. And God held me that day as I know God geld her. God is faithful. I hope you take time to listen to that post faithful. It’s amazing and lifts the spirit.

Mama. I have come each time to be with you. Each time I have taken your shit. But, we just cleaned it up in your mind. The bridge to that old past is out and the new bridge is built and ready. We are actually on the other side already hand in hand. We. You and me just threw out the chapter. The papers all fresh and clean, a big stake ready to write on. Get your glasses although I think your site will get better. Now that you want to see tomorrow.

I love you so much. Xo

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