As long as you’re angry.

As long as your angry or hurt about someone? You are tied to them energetically. And everyone now knows or Should know that everything’s energy. I am a positive in my Mama life that she’s been to scared to explore and visa versa. Trauma connected us. It fused us together. It amazes me when god brought me home to her how strong dna which is my god connection was in me with Mama. Wow!

I was amazed. I did not realize the phenomenon of facial recognition, audible recognition, and soul recognition or intuitive connection. But I’ve tested it with Mama and it’s off the charts for us? It’s strong. And trauma connected us and what God’s showing me is how to cut it away and deprogram and dismantle all that contradicts who we truly are. And Adoption is a mind fuck of a mental maze. Wow. No wonder no one could help me? It’s complex and it’s an inside job.

And my words touched Mama so violently. Words caused her pain and upset her. Words that where also inside her head in beliefs. Which did not line up with our ultimate truth as Mama and daughter and was getting in our way. Each time I would go see Mama, I adjusted. My sister really reacted violently to my words would showed me she was a key point that held Mama in the old way. She was also scared for Mama. Fear was all around. Codependent. Mama always called Vicki when I came to town. She ran me off for fear of change. They could not see it and only reacted to it.

Words show us what is so we can change it to what was. If we take time to go there and fear not. Or fear and go there anyway. That’s what I am teaching here in my story. Or one of the things I am teaching. It’s not a flowery story but it gets this job done so we can move on to loving each other after this needs adjustment.

Like I told you Mama. I work for God even if he tells me to go to hell with you? I go. Your my Mama. And I got you back. I won’t loose you again. Ever. Until God call you home.

Listen Mama and know your redeemer draweth nigh.

god never let go of us.

God does what god has to do to get through to us.

God is faithful and I work for God.

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