Adoptees will you help me.

Adoptees. Will you help me? Will you prayer for Mama for me. She’s waking up from the fog. As you sow seeds of prayer your own healing will come. Give and it shall be given.

Please send healing white pure energy of love to fill my Mama to over flowing. Send her your Best loving energy and help me as I build a bridge to our other side where Mama is. May we band together with energetic hands and lead them home.

I do this for us too. Fear not. God will lead the way through your hearts connected to your Mamas. Please helps me in this thing I do. As I completed the full circle of life with Mama.

I want to thank all who pray with me here. And send my love back towards you. I connect with you too through this phone as our point of contact as I pray back towards you. I send the same gift I receive to you. Just believe and accept and don’t take no for an answer.

I love you all deeply. I care like God cares for us all. I pray for home for us all. I pray for healing and tearing down walls that have separated us from our Mama to long. Amen.

And can you share this post and posts like mine to raise awareness for my people, please. Let’s gets this movement going. Let’s unit for one another and our Mamas. Let’s also stay connected to our adoptive families and do our best to find the silver lining do truth. Let’s forgive and set ourselves free. So our lights can shine bright to guide folks home.

Thank you.

let’s go

Viral. Show our numbers. I double dog dare you!!

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