Oh these mental hurtles we gotta jump

Oh these mental hurdles we must jump to get to what we truly from a soul level desire. Me and Mama are workin. And she’s darn tired holding this bone with me. Darn tired. Worn out yet? Did I get all of it?

Cuz I know God telling me on you woman of mine. You know it. And your scared of what’s next. But stop. Look. Your ok and I’m still coming back for more. I’m a diamond scratching on you. We both are. Look at you huffing and puffing. I got your blood going again. Yep. I’m your girl Mama. Tried and true.

Now. Take a few breaths. Deep ones. And center. Be calm In this moment. Calm and read my words. It’s all gone Mama. Let go. Take another deep, 6 second breath. And center. Think if the earth and gravity, god’s magnetic pull keeps you in this moment. Lord. Touch my Mama and heal this right in your son Jesus name. Heal it for us both as we let go of this bone between us and cover it lovingly in grace. Mama take another breath. Center. Follow me.

Now with eyes closed see me. Glowing. And before you now, naked. Apologize for my body in anyway that is unpleasing to you, I’ve been through a lot. See me. See you. See you. In me. Loving back at you. See me embrace you as you embrace me. We. Home again. I’m home. Now breath again and center.

While eyes closed it open and your imagination eye open. See a door that is open. In your mind is this door. And in this room inside your brain is all our past. All of it. We have not missed a thing that was needed to learn from. And all has been cover with grace gasoline. I give you a match and you kiss me. As I lovingly hold your hand, after you’ve lite the match and thrown it into that room It’s explodes without hurting us. Because we are surrounded by love. The greatest power on the planet. Each to the other. Souls. Woman. Mother and child. Friends at last. As we both look up we see a sun rise. It’s our new dawn. And a paintbrush is ready for us to paint our new day. I love you to the depth of hell to bring you back. Xo

Now. Stop and remember me there. And call me when you are ready

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