Mama. If

Mama, if all I say on this blog upsets you?

You’re not over me!

I’ve got you in my teeth lie.

Don’t even mess with me love.

I got a mind like a bulldog babe.

Let it go

That bones dead.

Girl. Get over that hump and take my damn hand into our promised land! I don’t know what’s there? We haven’t been there yet? It’s got to be better than this!! Jump!!

Listen. You always trust the bitch in the crowd. Remember?

Come get me.

Let’s talk over whatever you want.

Where ever you want.

Just us.

For once.

You know you like me.

I remind you of you.


I love you silly woman.

Damn girl.

Dont let me get your goat?

Come get your goat. Me that is. Xo

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