Alright Mama’s’

Let’s get to it. I mean snap too. I AM DONE WITH TGIS SHIT!! You better be reading me because I don’t do make up tests. You two have been notified. Cut this damn shit out! All y’all! Damn this all to hell! This is just not acceptable behavior! And I will not stand it another day!

I better get some letters and calls up in here! You all be a mess! Like look at y’all. Thinking I am crazy? Honeys. Y’all look cra cra too me! Blocking. Knives. Unwelcome back stabbing. Abandoning ( Chelsie Lynn. Own it) who in the hell do you think I am?

You do know my name right? Be Linda Jean? Oh. Yeah. Read that again and few times. Yeah. That’s me and you best be stopping this shit. And we need to have a party. I don’t give a shit what you’ve thought. You need to get to know me. Oh I got ya all! Hook line and sinker! Ba!

Chelsie didn’t tell you how close I am to his did she? No. She didn’t. But then you didn’t ask did ya? No. You didn’t. And I can tell exactly what you all been thinking. And it’s nasty! Clean it up. Lord Jesus. My God you all can go on and all can’t you? Oh. You thought it was me did you? Oh hell no. God had me here to learn some things yes. And teach something too. To you.

I’m dont with this energy and call all for winds and the ground and the sky and vanquish this energy in all directions of time!! Amen. And oh me. You can not hate me because I called you on all your shit. Yeah it hurt. I told ya that. But you like the taste of it you just wanted more of my pain or lashings? Because anyone that wants love does not act like you all when someone hurting?

Chelsie. Mama loves you. I can’t tell you where to step. I can only believe you will make the right one. And some right steps also seem left. Trust. God has plan and that step was needed. And remember. Grace covers it all.

Ok. I’ve said it. Now you best believe it. And we need a party to seal it. Mama wants to laugh. She hates homework. And she just passed her final. Let’s celebrate. Shift your brain!!

I just never saw my own sisters being such bitches. But I love ya anyway. Let’s roll. And get on with this man.

I told Mama Jean about the same thing except the sisters part. Done with ya being like this and if I have come on here to get y’alls attention? So be it. I am a badass mamajamma.

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