If you pray and ask God to help. Don’t be surprised if your life turns upside down. For what we build must come down to suit the queen

And adoption is where one woman stands in for another. And loves beyond compare. Beyond infinity she loves away the nightmare. Each time.

Adoption is when one woman can’t conceive and the other one can. And they just trade lives, by trading kids. Is this a win win? Or is it?

Our Mothers gave away their Mama power. And god sent my Mamas back and said “keep that shit girl, your gonna need it, cuz your gifts a live wire”. “BTW, your welcome, old age will not be boring for you, now” ” I am God and I know what you need beyond your wildest wants”.

If while growing up you ever wondered who all those strangers are? You might be adopted. Belinda Arnold-adoptee.

Adoptions is for when your mom looses her mind and forgets who she is and gives you to someone else to raise.

I crack me up and make me cry.

You know people want change in this world,but everyone’s wants it to show up in a limo and Bon Jovi playing background music. Is it working?


Like people. We have the rest of our lives to make fun drama together. Shall we all move on? Like I am patiently waiting and now impatiently waiting for you to get with it and stop this so shallow way of acting. I love you guys. But I can’t keep stooping down to help you alls minds out of the gutter? Surely we can create better than this? So Dallas, it’s not even sex in the city? No ones got each other’s backs, nor honest?

Come on man. Such a low vibration and I just can’t hang if you all hold grudges likes this? I keep poking it and you all just retreat? Seriously. Give up and walk the talk!! Forgive. Stop nit picking and live, be kind.

The word say to do to other as you would have them do unto you? I am rough and honest ruthless and yet kind. I don’t sugar coat it. If I am talking to you? It’s time to change.

I’ve long suffered long enough. Get rid of the hate and back bitting and all that you three. Mark my words. And get right with God your driving Mama crazy already! Not me. She loves Chelsie you dumb butts! So duh. She loves who she came from!! Jesus Christ do you think Mama hates herself? And if she does where would she get such an idea? Hmmm? Who feeding her shit about me? Hmmm? Who is turning away? Doing nothing? Is that how Mama did you? And if so? Now you know why you brats!

Damn I don’t like to get upset. But back the hell off it and get right with God! My language is cover in the grace from Christ blood and got you attention. Look up the meaning of perverse. So basic. Damn I don’t like shutting down mean girls, but ok. I gave you plenty of rope to hang yourselves.

and now little sisters gonna step up and shut this shit show carnival down on all the haters. I’m done. Get right or shut the fuck up!!! And your mind!! Clean it up! Done with it? New story coming and not that shit show carnival of your threes! Damn Mama. I’ve missed you.

These bitches are ruthless. Fuck y’all! And god bless. I mean bless your souls and to hell with your egos my god.

Mama. I expect a nice phone call and for you to tell me all the party plans the girls are making for us all! I love you

And always had your back girl. Xo.

Man. So rude Mama. I don’t know how your dealing with such an attack. Did I hit them all?

Devils not getting my family. You’re right Mama. We can do better. Xo

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