There is a persecution so invisible, I almost didn’t see it.. but I felt it.

Let me get real with you today

Let me get down to the core

Let me tell you about a people

That have been silenced like whores

In the night of our birth

We got chosen, yeah

But who signed our Names?

This devils so smooth with a tongue like an angel

He’ll get you to sign in blood for this favor

These people live, yes that is true

But are they seen, really?

The people, the slave I write of are all colors, all creeds

And its their heritage that this devil stole,

Like a theif

Yeah, so smooth, so keen, he got you to believe

But an armies been made from a devils creation,

From this invisible slavery

You only sold your own soul the day you first believed

And send your child to hell without you

Wake up all you who sleep

For we have grown to adults, and now can speak

For our own and on our own we’ve weeped

But Mama’s ears can not hear us

The alarm was ignored to long

She is used to the noise

And she no longer sees the harm

Wake up all you Mama’s

For the deed that was done

Is now blow up and all over the place

Come and clean up the mess

That devil has made

Claim what is your by birth right

And don’t see us as sins fruit another day

Take heart for we made it through this fire

And your ignorance did not take

For your children can see

And we learned a lot

We have the truth

And not one can stop






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