Some people run to a challenge. 

Don’t run from the challenge.

I read this to Mama Jean and she didn’t even look up or even comment. That’s what being adopted like for this adoptee. Ugh.

And Mama wonders? I guess she the same. So disconcerting to be ignored when all you need is some attention.

Like she said nothing and kept playing her game on the iPad I gave her!! I don’t feel respected at all, by either of my Mamas these days.


Some people run to a challenge and some run away. Life is filled with challenges. And we can either face them and push through, or run and have them chase us down. When I came back home to my Bio family, that was the challenge. And to fully integrate into your family of origin it takes guts and moxy.

It also takes the fortitude to tell the truth so that you can be seen for who you really are and be understood. Who can understand anyone without their story to give others the content to grasp what your life was like? And to also give them the intel as to what shaped your life and made you who you are.

We each are unique. Adoptees are quite unique in that we have two full families. It’s much like children of divorce. We have lived with many characters in my play…

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