Climbing out of a box

Climbing out of a box is not easy, but who can box a spirit? Who can box a soul? Who can contain infinite possibility? Climbing out of this box I was placed in is my goal. And each day I write my way out by telling my truth and seeing what I have believed about myself melt away as the words that poisoned my future self dissolve in the light of day like vampires at dawn.

Telling my truth shows me what was loaded into my brain and telling my truth let’s me see what needs to go. Saying goodbye to the old path of thought and belief means to barf it up so new thought ideas and the beliefs connected them can fill the space where those old ideas were.

Salvation is a daily walk. To confess where you are is to say to God, “help, I need to change.” I can’t dim the light of my truth for anyone, let alone my Mamas. Cuz I came to shine bright. See, all this truth I spilled all over this blog is yesterdays truth as soon as I wrote it. I’m shining my light so others can see their way out of the box that folks put them into too. Come and bask in my light of experiences and be warmed by the fact that your not alone.

This video can help you when you feel your just being to bright or to loud and to proud. Take heart. I am not the woman I have written about, but the woman who lives through what I wrote about. I am strong enough to bend and have weathered the storms life threw at me and gains strength by digging deep into my past, to stand strong in today.

Be sure that you too can speak your ugly truth today and that tomorrow, a new truth will be in its place. Be brave. For you are. And at your core, you are an infinite spirit riding in a finite body that can change. My light has caused those who lacked light to run for darkness to cover their missed marks. And they are the ones who need my light. Adoption is just one idea that is well meaning and yet does so much damage to a perfect system, Mother and child are perfect. God designed it that way.

And Adoption has taken such a sacred thing and twisted it. Our truth can shed the much needed light to show us where Adoption misses the mark. It’s just second best and we need to work harder and listen to those who have lived this Adopted life if we ever truly do wish to make this world better. We all must recognized this rock bottom to spring from to a new way.

If my words touch you or cause you to react, ask yourself this, ” what in what is written here hits me? And what is it hitting?” And why do I feel upset by words spoken? Reactions just happen. Like hot water on the skin makes us jump up and run for cold water, so to words can lead us if we choose to stop at the reaction moment and ask ourselves, what has this touched in me?

Take heart. For I did back in the day. Follow me as I shed light. Listen to your reactions. Ask your reactions question and then action will take the place of reaction and that’s when magic happens. Xo

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