No one cares as much as me.

No one cares as much as me. Because no ones been where I have been, which is without you. To go without you has been torture. I’ve grown where I was planted. Yes. But I bloom with you in my life.

Is that so hard to see? Yes. I have attacked your egoic mind. It was stuck. So what. Flesh is flesh. But your soul is infinite and timeless. And I know your soul well. I memorized you. Each little part is stored within me.

The girls don’t get this about you. But I do. I am making the world a better place for you. As I speak my words I refute all the haters of the bio Moms. They have been used and disrespected for their actions. Back in the day? This is what had to be done. Yes.

But today is a new day. And our story can change it for others. I know you got turned around. That’s why I grab you and turn you around to show you the carnage of Adoptions wake. For our story can change it.

Children always come home. So why send them away? We now know what needs done. And we can take the world by storm together. The girls will catch up when they see you take my hand.

I love you. And they do too. Do not fear their rejection. I will take care of them. Don’t you worry. I’m on your side. You have thought that I war with you. But it’s been the precepts and doctrines that don’t fit that I war with. God wants us back together.

Tell that brain of yours to be quiet. And listen to your heart that beats for us. Listen between the lines. Passion and love I bring back to you.

Ive come a long way for you. Ive travel the earth for you. And I’ve returned back to you. To bring you my truth about the life they said would be so great. Yes. I had some great opportunities. But what good are they if I am unable to share them with you? My Mama.

Time did not take my love for you away. It’s just geography. I sit here now and type words I pray God will use to open your heart back this piece of yourself you loaned to another.

Love is in the air. Listen to me and no other now. I m trustworthy.

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