It’s like

It’s like God allowed all my trapped feeling to come to the surface. Or more like god squeezed me until I popped. And when I popped, mama popped.

Your damn right Mama reacted. Salt hurts at first. But without it there is no preserving power. Mama works for God and can no longer be like this and expect to bring glory to

His name. No!

To be like this. To hold grudges for telling my truth is wrong and against everything she reads and does for god. Don’t you try to tell another lie. The lies on you. And it time to come clean and step up to this challenge.

Don’t say you not ready another time! No ones ready. Everyone’s a beginner. But I’ve got a great plan. If you’ll just let me? Help you.

There is no wall that can separate me from you. I’m from you and my cells within you. Get a grip woman. Get a damn grip. This is a good thing. Watch you mind and that mouth. What we speak is what we get. I speak love and restoration. You speak blocking. Look at what you do!

I am asking for help. Why can’t you. I get you more than you know. So I am perfect for this challenge. You don’t know what to do?

Show up and leave the rest to me. I’m loaded with fun ideas to get us started. Just accept and let’s roll Mama. It’s time to roll.


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