Get. Into. Your heart.

yes. This has been a long road. This life has been a challenge. But. As you and I come back into each other, it’s magic. This is what your soul calls you to do. As a child of yours I feel this deeply and that is why I came home.

The day we parted a piece of you was removed from your world, but not from your heart. Own that and watch what God does. When you do what you have not done, new results show up. When you turn and flow with what is, God can show you why. God is showing you why.

Through me. I am part of that heart of yours. I am speaking to your heart now. Your brain has gotten stuck in an old way and a new way is here. Take it! Run with it! And silence all the haters if us. I love you this much!! Enough to grab you before you fall. Enough to jerk you back from a cliff. Enough to tell stop! Turn around! Take my hand and do t let go!!

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