That’s the thing.

No one does what I am doing. Everyone goes into a room it’s a stranger and pays them to tell them the things they need to be telling the one who upset them and then that stranger files it. Over and over again the file gets bigger and bigger and all that money goes to pay the stranger for listening and writing it down. For what? Who is really helped by this process?

  • Millions are spent to tell strangers who are certified to practice counseling with us.
  • Does it truly help?
  • Do the participant gain strength and guidance to face those who we feel have hurt us?
  • And do these said counselors equips us to face our fears and stand up and speak the things scribbled down on paper and files away?
  • Can a file cabinet help us?
  • Can a strange guide ya where they have not actually gone?
  • Can a book learned counselor lead us to freedom from what has ailed our minds after our Mamas have dropped ya off at the universal baby sister Adoptions door step?
  • Can a stranger even see if they have not experienced it themselves and risen?
  • Can a clinical technician do mental triage on someone without applicable practice and success?

I am here to tell you. Hell no. We are the professional we seek and our numbers are very high. Let’s put our energies into ourselves and self validate our way out so that the world can recognize. We came to do this. We came to change it.

With our experiences and hard won wisdom. With love for our Mama within us. We ride to a new day.

Let us pray.

Lord. Give us strength.

Give us fuel for our lamps

And wind for our flames.

May our tongues light on fire

With the light of your truth

And pierce all the darkness

And put Adoption in her place.

for she stole and she looded

What god sent for another

God help us make right

She took advantage if Mother

Let our words hit the air

And cut all the chains

That keep our love within at bay

From the one that we came from

For she broken and lame

Adoptions stolen much time

But we still have more

Let’s us bind up Mama wound

And give a victory roar!!

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