No weapon

Found this on my Facebook feed today. It says, you will refute? Hmmm? And refute is what I do. I refute to show folks what’s been done to us. I refute what Adoption said was done for us. If no one speaks up then it stays the same. I’m only one of many, but I’m loud. My cry is loud as I call us all to take off our Masks that were placed over us by an ignorance society the day we went home with strangers and left out home, our Mama.

Ripping us out of the womb, cutting our roots off and jamming us into foreign soil is not ok. We all had to fight to live and regrow roots that we were ripped from. Each of us is a tree from another tree. We are separated and yet not. We don’t become a different tree, we don’t become like our new families.

Like a tree we adapted to our new soul. We dig down deep into our new soil and nourish the trees we are from. And we grow as best we can bring trees without roots, we have struggled to do this. So. Now. We are strong. Because Mother Earth made us that way. She helped us, and not our Mama.

But our Mama, if not careful, still have a cut where we where removed. And our Mamas weep as a tree cut does. If our Mama don’t face their own wounds and just bandage them with stories of denial, they grow sick and diseased. Dis- eased. Our Mamas are not at ease. They try to act like they are.

But the day we come home to her is the day we and she see, it’s just not ok. And she’s sick as a dog and can’t see it. Because she been that for years and has adapted to it all, and has succumb to the demise. And yet. If she could see that we bring healing back to her, the tree we were cut from? She can live. Again. Healthy and whole. Because we survived and thrived.

Our gift back to our Mama tree is hope that all she went through was not in vain. Her roots can now grow more deeply and she can realize that we grew back towards her. That our roots are twisted now with her. That our roots grew back to her and now hold her stronger.

Take heart Adoptees. We are strong enough to weather this storm. And our words are the song that breaks this spell, cast on our Mama by a society delving in witchcraft. Let no on put asunder what God joined, knit together within our Mamas womb. We go home.

And make it right. To refute all that was said about what this was. Adoption. Your days are numbered as we the children who have been cut by you grow home.

Back to our Mama trees. May God give us all strength to keep on the path home as we cut the weeds away to find her hearts door wide open and waiting to revive nourishment again from the gift God sent to them.

Let us take yo the air and speak our truths. And let all hear for our words carry the magic that breaks this spell. Today is our day.

Let us strike with our swords of truth. And allow this wound to weep. And heal. And let us know our love is enough to make Mama see the gifts we truly are. Misplaced. Moved. And taken advantage of by those who we were not cut from. Let the veil be pulled back to show. What was done that day Mama signed herself away.

Take heart dear Adoptee. It’s our time to shine our lights on this darkness and show what society can’t seem to see. It is our time to give our precious feedback to change this loop and make a better one that includes Mama.

At long last. As we go home to set her straight.

Yes. She will be shocked for she has had a spell cast upon her by a wicked thing called Adoption. And Adoption better go back to the books and read to see. All children come home and find their families. And that God’s way.

Let’s us take heart. Let us unit on this one things. To educate this world and show them who the enemy truly was. Let us take to the air ways and speak our truth to set our Mama free.

as our Mama wake up from a dream now able to see was a nightmare. Her tears flow like wine and fall on our roots that grew back to her. She now can see the blessing of we. Xo

no weapon forged agains ya will proper on our watch!

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