My family must….

My family must think my Mama is a marshmallow. They treat her like some soft spongy morsel that is worthless when wet. The world may feel that I am being to fired up about all this. And I see that if Mama’s a marshmellow? Well, we need a little fire to make her so yummy. If we put her with some chocolate after heating her up? And some crackers? She is just what we all love, when a big bonfire goes.

Our bonfire is an old life, filled with much wood to burn. As my words fly like flames towards our painful beginning, we both are licked by the flames and not burned. If Mamas a marshmallows, she will be golden, and toasted, yet not disintegrated. With the right amount of flame, she will puff up, and become soft in the middle, I’ll place her on a cracker toped with chocolate, and press down with another cracker, and she will ooze yumminess.

My Mamas weathered the storm of being away from me. And it was not easy, and she was really good at playing the game and saving face, but she can’t fool me. No, I see it in her eyes, and hear it in her voice. No pity needed here Mama, I came to come get you. I came home to love you beyond all that that held us apart. I hold the sword of our freedom and I swing it with ease and precision. No fear needed Mama. I am your champion, and I will silence all the haters with my words of truth.

You won my heart long ago, while I grew inside your womb. God was there, helping me remember you, for the day I would return to you. Read the bible stories of  Adoption again, and remember that God always brings a child and family back together. Moses freed his people and so will I, with my words like a knife, I will cut them all free. Its time for big changed, because we all will know the truth.

Children come home. And children are our future in human form. I am from you, and an evolved piece of your being. I came back to remove the lies spoken to you, and to place the truth in its place. For God loves you. And God loves us all.

If my sisters want to turn away, well then go! Turn! But if they want to get with it, they need to step up and be counted. To bring this great change can make it all better for someone else. Our day for change is now, and the past says goodbye, now.

Adoption your days are number, for I sound the alarm. As my people wake up and speak what they lived, no eye will be dry, no heart will be able to run away from the truth that cuts, no doctrine will stand against what God brings back together, no judge will agree, and separate us again.

Be gone lies of old!

Be removed from my Mama’s mind!

Be gone useless Adoption

Your only geography

We are not changed

but are only moved around

Like pawns on a board

WE are our Mama’s champions

And this is your checkmate!

Be gone!

Now go!

You slimmy snake of the day

You may rip us from a breast

But we grow up

And kick your ass all day

Now go!

You raggedy Mother Trucker!

Just go!

I won’t let you take another!

Baby from mamas breast

Without a fight like no other!

Oh my words are sharp

Because my emotions are lit

And the rule of my fire

Is truly legit


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