Mama look at this.

Ok. Now for some fun stuff. If your up? Yet? I’ve fine there with you. Because I don’t dance around shit forever. I help change it. I do something about it instead of just talking smack. And talking smack has it purpose. We have to complain enough so God will send an answer.

Hello. I’m the answer bringer. And it does not feel like what you’ve been doing? It’s a new dance Mama. And once you get the hang of it? You’ll love it. Just love it. Say what you feel. And be loved anyway. Say the truth, even if others don’t see what you point out! They will. Soon enough.

I’m your artist. And I cleared that old canvas clean. So now. We can create anew. Dry your eyes. And stop Complaining It’s hurting my ears. And I can feel the knives of gossip and back stabbing over here. Even though we are apart. My cells live within you. Pay attention what you say when I am not around. Or step up and let’s work this out.

Words have power. Thoughts turn into ways of thinking. Be mindful what your repeating over and over yourself about me. What you speak is what you get. What are you saying about me to others? What are they saying to you about me?

Shit the haters up.

I’m right here. And I love you. And you e gotten some bad habits too. And it time for us to change and practice what we have read. I’ve went where you thought I was to show you I’m connected to you. Do you really want to believe? That you gave birth to a monster child? Or someone who needs professional help? Sick and broken? Is that who you are? How could that kind of person come from you? Are you saying you are broken?

And if so. Let’s patch it up. We can. With god’s help do the impossible. Because. I’m possible.

Now. Look at this art I made. I’m kind of excited. This piece has 2.4 k shares!! Can you believe it? I know. I came from you. And look what I do! Now. Isn’t that excited? That’s something good. Right?

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