Listen guys. Family.

Let me say this. Chelsie Lynn’s been right under your noses. If you want to maybe get out of this dog house with me? Yeah. With me. Oh. You thought I was in your dog house? Ha ha.

Guess you thought wrong. I’m free. As a feather in the wind. But you aren’t. Clearly you all go dirt. Because only people without amo block or run. Chelsie been right there under your damn noses. And Mama Jeans a keen one too. She says, Chelsie like me. Hmmm? She’s right. She’s a lot like me.

So much like me that you all could have been learning from her how I am. But you all just wanted to ya ya. And now I’m writing your thoughts and words up here. Yep. God’s got me on your party line. And I’m just typing it out as I hear it and feel it. I’m family people. I’m already on the inside. And my baby has had to watch as her Mama fights like a mighty warrior of god she knows I am. And she’s seen me flush all of you with my full truth card spread. Wow.

Chelsie. Mamas gonna make this right or die working on it. Pray for me honey. And Hanks for your prayers. I feel them. I know your tired of it. But these folks can talk. Lordy. About each other and me and you. Man. Back biting is so unbecoming to Christians. See Mama had to learn about back bitting. I learned.

And now I see it’s in our family. Yuck. And we talk about each other and don’t talk to each other. And it’s dumb stuff. I feel ya honey. So dumb. But I fix to end it. That’s what I’m doing. Shooting down demons with my words of illumination. I’m a strong warrior honey. God chose me. So god chose you. We came to do this.

This is part of my destiny. To return to Mama with healing in my wings. And to do warfare against lies spoken. Lies no one could see coming because back in the 60’s we did not have that much forethought about it. People just really did not know what the outcome would be when children are removed from Mothers care at birth. We don’t even separate puppy’s that soon.

  • Honey. I know you a dry this with me. And that you are a strong warrior for God. I know this. I felt you pray for me at 2. I felt it. You have power from God and for good. Thank you for loving me.
  • Honey. Thank you for not letting me go.
  • Honey your amazing.
  • Honey bun your my sweetheart. Always.

Mama has to some crazy things for God. And this is the craziest yet. But that’s the walk of faith honey. We never know where god leads us. But we trust. All things work towards our ultimate good.

This weed garden went on to long. And it took me a while to figure out what to do. And you know how I am when I am done. Shit gets real. Baby girl. I miss you so much it hurts. Everything hurts. And the sun won’t shine. Even if it’s out. I smoke cigarettes now. And I’m just at my end. I don’t want to loose you. You mean the world to me. You know you do damn it. Stop doing me like this. You know how much it hurts me.

I can’t go back to who I was. I can’t be quiet. I just can’t be silent and all that. It made me sick. I want you. In my life. I miss you. Mama are you readin this? You see my love for her? My daughter who tore my heart out? Can you feel my love for her? Well, feel it. Cuz I may not be perfect. It my baby love me. She does. She hurt by all this. She carries this with me. As all my kids do. They carry it with you too.

Why do you think Chelsie up there? God sent her there not because she was pathetic and needs help. Because she’s me. And you can do it for her and not me? Look! Wake up. Let go of all that shot your stewing about. Tell the girls to shut up and get with it. Like suck it up girls. I had too!

I love ya all. But seriously. Catty Cathy’s. Jesus heal them. Oh. You think I can turn this off. Hearing all of you? No. Look. I wish I could some days. But you all got shit. Not me. I’m trying to love Mama and people come over and call me unwelcome? WTH? Mama didn’t teach you to act like that?

I know Chelsie. This is not easy. It Mama working on this. These people seem to have had their throats cut and can’t speak to my face? Honey. You know me. Listen to your heart and just let that pain from yesterday go. That’s is what I’m doing. Don’t shoot me because I love my Mama so much I carried all her shit with me too. That’s what daughters do honey.

And I love Nana too. No worries. You should have told them I get like this when folks don’t listen. But you probably tried. I am grateful for God’s gifts. And prayer. And being psychic. And empathic. Coming homes has been a journey. Maybe you need to plan the party and set folks straight about it? Hmmm? I think you’d be the perfect person to orchestrate it. You are a team player. For sure.

I’m here for ya. But you got to want to see the good in me. I’m sure it’s not been easy up there having to see my family act the way they do about me? You were always so proud of me. I’m still your champion babe. I’m still me. Just a bit, well bold and real. It’s was time to shank some demons. God’s over this family. And the demons got to go that chase us all. Unity. That’s where we go. No excuses. No conditions. Acceptance. Grace. Forgiveness.

I see my family has needed my kind of love. They just didn’t know it. I love you sweetie and can’t wait to see you and hold you and sip tea and talk. I miss you soooooo much. Thanks for being you. This will all make sense soon. Pray.

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