It’s not easy facing shit alone.

Mama been facing a lot these days. With Phil now gone and me looking all crazy. She been doing a lot of praying. And crying. And feeling like shit. And wishing Phil was here to help with me. But that’s the thing. Phil is her helping us.

Don’t ask me how. Just be glad that I can. Be grateful that God can lead us and that he allows people to some back from beyond to help us. There are times in the Bible when Jesus saw prophets from old. Phil was a good man. He went through a hard life and it had its affects. But he loves you Mama. He held on. Like me.

I feel helps me see what’s up with you. And he helps me ask the hard questions. I know what his spirit feels like. And he’s helping us now. First a believe God is god. And if god can make a donkey talk, god can use Phil to help us.

We have grieved long enough for what was lost. And it’s all on the table now. No one can use it against you again. All feelings are told. And we say good bye and thank you for the lessons.

There is one that is more faithful than a brother who’s come to our aid. And who’s blood covers it all. There No need to be dismayed. Take heart your redeemer still lives. And cares so deeply for you. So much that he would train do this day. To help Mama Heal.

You are not alone on this road.


I never let go.

I followed you Mama



Holding your


All along.

Each step.

I took with you.

And never let go.

No matter

How bad you thought it was.

My loves stronger than any bad

And I’ve stood up for you

When others would not.

Like I said.

I don’t back down.

I love my Mama that much.

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