I refuse to continue to live like this.

I’m amazed at how much my Mama gave her power away the day she gave me away. She really let go and told her mind that was that. And from what is going on? My blog and truth does not make sense when she looks at it like she has.

Your Mama power is intact. But. Remember. I’m already grown. So. Your a mentor now. And so we are adults and I expect to be takes to about things. I need explains just like you. A good relationship recipe includes honest conversation to succeed and be a yummy thing. We lacked that.

And a new story as been waiting? But we had a lot of weeds of thought in both our way. Time and gossip about this and that has taken hold. Like weeds on the other home to each other, they had to be removed. And being that we both are teachers, we must learn each week snd why it was there so we can assist other in doing what we now do.

I know you like order and that somethings not been right with us. That’s why I spoke up and told you my side and truth. I have warred with your strong mind that held you in place. I know how hard it was to stay away. You pushed it down again and again. And called it this and that to make the breaks downs ok. I get it. And know your ok and not crazy. It’s the thought inside you that where crazy.

It’s like finding out what you’ve been doing doesn’t work anymore. When I came home your visualization no longer works and the cold truth washed over you. And then Phil passed and bam. Rock bottom and no where to hide.

And I am making it ok for you to hold your head High. I make it safe for you to be my Mama. God help anyone else speaking to you like I have. God help them. Because they did. Ok. I gave it to you straight like folks gave it to me. And it was not what I wished to do.

And yet knew I had to to shock you awake. To shock you back to reality. Today is a new day. I’m purging all of it. I feel very connected to you and am draining that shit once and for all. Don’t doubt me. I’ll clear it out. I know my gifts and what god has taught me to do. My truth seers the lies away. So the wounds can heal. Let go. Don’t chew on my past posts. Read them. Glean any Wisdom you can? And then don’t go back or beat yourself up. That is not the point.

It’s like the world put gum in your hair. The girls got used to the gum and like your hair that way. It’s all they really have known. But I remember you back in the day. And it time we brought that firecracker out! She made me. So she’s cool as fuck. Excuse my french Mama. But you are. You’ve just got dust on this part of you. And somehow you thought she was all wrong?

Well hell no. She’s helped me my whole life!! I dug into myself and it was you that encouraged me from within me. You came to life and life you are. Seriously? Does no one tell you this? How cool you are? WTH? Girls?

I mean you have had Mama all your lives and did not have to share her with another but two? And you can’t seem to share her now? Treat me like a monster come to steel the crystal and silver? Seriously? I’m shocked? Guess you think Mama is greedy do you? Hmmm? Well well. Look who’s dirty? Don’t even lie to me. I’m from Mamas lie. I’ve live a lie. Don’t even.

Maybe it’s you girls that need to do the party? Yep. Victoria can lead and the two who turned away can do her bidding. I think it’s time for Liz and Phyllis to thank big sister for being the first. I heard your shit on big sister. Remember? You told me what you thought of her when I first came home? I told her what you said. She’s known a long time what you really think.

Yes. A party to honor our Mama is due. Now. Victoria can call me for details and such. And no I’m not kidding. Ok. This has gone on long enough. It’s time to stop being petty and childish. I play it better than you anyway. So. Don’t go there again with me. It’s done.

Now it’s time for Mama. None of us know when we are called home. And I’m not wSting anymore time on this. I’m home. And a proper party for Mama is due. I feel Mama Jean should be invited I would like to get with Mama to debrief her and close this deal for ever. A ceremony is needed. Now. Yes I am being pushy. Why don’t you pray and ask God why? Mama tired if it all. And Your just not getting it.

I’m not going away. Ok. So get with it and do something about it. Something fun and festive!! And please put away all your childish fears! They are still out on the world wide lawn. A party will take care of them. And restore Mama faith that what she did in faith would be rewarded!! She’s a person!! She has needs.

Don’t ask her is it ok. Tell her what your going to do and watch her face light up. Do it. And see if I am right? But you better get on your knees and get right with God. Let no one put asunder what god bring back together! Get with it. Now.

Plan. Plan. Plan. Get Chelsie lynn and Sophie and the other girls in the fam going. They need to learn. About God’s grace. Teach them with me about forgiveness and grace. Let us practice so Mama can see her seed were not in Vein.

I am shocked at all of your behavior during my test. But I have not given up hope. mama in there somewhere. Let her out. She’s got four daughter! Act accordingly or look like dim wits!

The whole world watching you now. Think Mamas to dumb? Ha ha!! She made me to prove her worth! She gave me away to teach you all a lesson about giving! The shame is on you if you don’t act properly now. Don’t go down like that? It hurts to watch Mama struggle with your distain and abandonment.

I forgave her. Now you must. For it all! Whatever your cards are blah them at the foot of the cross and plan a proper party for our Mama and this time? Invite me? Thanks.

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