The truth about many Adoptees

The truth about many Adoptees is that we don’t adjust properly, because we not afforded services to make sure that we did. This, is a huge whole in the system that has advertised to make peoples dreams come true, and who has not even insured that each and every child adjusts to their new environment. Many Adoptees are told fairytales and live them only to find out that it was a lie, we feel denied the common decency of consideration for what we, as humans have lost. Grief must be validated to be accepted. We must accept that we grieve to adjust to a loss so huge it has left many of us reeling and this loss is experienced at such a crucial time in our lives, that we struggle to live without even having the people that say they love us to support our loss to save their overlay dreams on us. We are not puppets. We are humans, with DNA that links us to each other. WE who are Adopted are linked to those who’s DNA does not match ours. And our struggle can be removed when the world realizes what they do to us, those who’ve grown up as invisible slaves for the sake of morality. Tied to a stake, like dogs who want to go home.

Do not leave us to rott. Adoptees need closure to their full circle and their Mama’s do too. Its 2018 and Mama are hiding from their children for fear? Fear that the mirror of their child will reflect the truths they know within, from experience they have seen what the world thought about them when they did not tell a soul. As a Queen cloaked, they heard the truth beyond their own. And our Mama’s should not fear, the experiment failed. It wasn’t our Mama’s fault, but we all can learn from it and do better. The fault would be if we did nothing.


Dear Adoption… truth..

Dear Adoption, Your Response to Us is Bizarre Adoption comes up often in my daily discussions with family, friends, co-workers and even strangers. I don’t mind stating “I’m adopted”. I do mind the response I receive more often than not. Following my obligatory expressions of gratitude, I sometimes touch on the loss I’ve experienced, […]

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Good Read, for courage to blog your truth…….

Having a voice. Being heard. Be careful what you speak but also speak the truth for you owe it to your readers, to your listeners, to your self. Controversial topics shouldn’t be avoided but rather exploited to give your truth and attract in response the people who REALLY respect you and your values. Being a […]

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My Morning Practice

I look beyond my families learning and see God’s guidance in all.

Good words to live by. When you know God’s words you can decode any book to find answers.

Therefore lay apart all filthiness and the superfluity of wickedness, and receive with meekness the engrafted Word, which is able to save your souls.
Think about it, if we in graphed the world into our souls it must therefore drive out the old nature to replace it with a new nature. That my friends takes work and willingness and awareness of the process. How do we think that word can be graphed in unless we know our flesh is fallible? The body has its own nature, to run, hide, block, fear, you name it. But when the word is graphed in, it guides us through the transformation of our souls with the washing of the word. If we are so clean, if our flesh is so clean? Then why are we washing it with the word? What do we wash away? The carnal nature that struggles to trust Gods spirit within us.
Hiding our foul words does nothing to help. And using a different word does not deny that we said the foul word in code. Like we can say, Have a nice day, and mean, fuck you by the energy we put behind it. Or piffle, darn, gosh, poo, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for that matter. We can be mean and sound nice folks, like I am not a dumb. We all know this, we just deny its existence. Like we know when someone says, Have a nice day and they really mean it and when they are being passive aggressive and speaking code. My Mama speaks code, she just does it, and I hear her.
The code I got was help me, everyone wants my stuff, they think you do too, and I am confused as to whether to trust my own child or not. She has shown me who’s the one she’s dealing with and hoping I can help them see, the woman she is in me. Sanity comes in different degrees and we all process differently. And God would not that anyone perish, or not get it. A sister is a sister and Mama’s tired. And I am helping her with this families adjustment. I get called in when shits got to go, its my nature to move energy. And when Mama calls out to God in prayer, God give me the message to help.
Like I really do care for my Mama and want the best for her. For me to go away is not an option folks, I am her daughter for God sake. That is just not an option, so let that one go. No going away of her long lost child who came home. Just not a really wise choice at all for those who have held onto it. Not very insightful if you ask me. What Mama, like our Mama, would want me to be banish? Seriously? People. Mama needs her girls to lay down whatever is between us all and let it go, for her. I am letting mine go here to use it to show others how to let go. And how to forgive it all and not hide myself in some dark obscure corner where God cannot use me or any of my experiences for the better good.
We are supposed to shine our light. The part they don’t tell you is that not everyone wants the light on, nor gets why we need light at all. Not all my family see the value in me, and how I add value to them and honor to Mama by coming home. But Mama does, now.
I am her bulldog girl. And I whip it into shape. After so long being Gone and had just figure out how to best assist. And well, I am very thorough, per my Mama’s modeling. Like anyone can see with their own two eyes that Mama cares deeply about home, and what Mama’s home is complete without all her babies around her? Seriously.
I am glad that God showed me about Tarot cards. Because they get me out of my head, and into my spirit and heart to find answers and encouragement that is in line with Gods word in my heart. If you graphed Gods words in, there in. And all that come into a person who’s graphed Gods word into them, in regulated by that word. And grace covers everything. Grace covers our adjustment to each other and all our fears and longings. Grace covers Mama missed marks back in the day that she could not see the results or even imagine them.
And I feel that Mama’s are only as good as we let them be by keeping them up to date with our truths. My kids keep me up to date where I have missed Marks, and I am grateful. I mean no, its not easy hearing or seeing where you missed it, but how can you shoot again if you don’t even know where the arrow went? How can you adjust your stand and point into the direction of your dream? Shall we just boo hoo? I mean I can wait forever, but its gonna be so much better once we all get over this hump that looks like mountain.
You know? I was blessed that big sister came and sparred with me about her shit. I get it sis. You all think I am crazy and I am not denying it at all. But when I get done, we will see what is crazy is not us, it’s just what we have been thinking. In the end, all there is is love, and love pushes lies out. And we just need to let it rip and say bye bye. Cuz we all get off track, and fear. Hell, I did, and still do. I think often, Lord, will I get through to them. Then I pray, and ask for a line to heaven to help me. Thank you Lord.
I have been circling the issue, to glean wisdom. I cycle my family because I am connected to them, and do not desire to disconnect from them. I have sent them loving energy my whole like, they just did not know it. Now they do. So the balls in their court and I am making them aware of this. I have been called unwelcome. So do you want me to keep coming up to see our Mama and put up with that? Would Mama? Hell no. Well, then act accordingly. Would you treat Jesus like that? Remember, Jesus turned the tables over in the temple. I turned the tables over in your minds.
As a strongly Christian family there is only one way. Unity, forgiveness, restoration, healing. Is there another way? I don’t read blocking in the scriptures? Is this some new tool? Guess I better go back to the books to find this tool?
I am being quite clear here. And am not fluffing your Ego’s if that is what you are used too. This is Mama, bare bones approach, you can’t tell me your forgot this her? Well, say hello to Mama’s secret weapon. Belinda Jean, named by a woman who did not know Mama’s name! So God. So God. I wonder Lord, what it will take to wake these folks up? And get them on the phone? or writing letters. What does it say about us to be like this? You can blame it all on me, but is anyone believing that? No. They are not.

How do you keep in touch with your family?

How, in this fast paced world do we keep up with each other and stay relevant? Its hard. I write here to show you how it with me and all my mess of a family. I haven’t even really pursued my Fathers side, that is how big of a catch up it is for Adoptees to connect and form relationships after reunion. It matters to me to have good relationships with people and this shit with my Mama’s side is upsetting when we are so way off? I mean we should be further, and whatever all this energy is has got to go!

My family blocked me when I began to speak my truth. And that is just not healthy. That I felt forced to speak publicly about this and let the world roam around in our family dealing is a sign as to how much it was affecting me. Not to mention the family of the man I am married to. Talk about overload of energies that are so blocked. And so I was blocked too, until I just opened up and let all my shit out. I mean everyones got shit, most people hide it. Most people deny it. Most people brush it under the rug and act like nothing happened and it builds up, when left undealt with on an emotional level. Emotions must be released and not penned up. It only causes issue.

I had carried all my shit so long? I was used to the weight of it and then I got around some people worse than me and it was enough to make me have to purge. I was like I was a lint roller picking up other peoples shit too. Shit attracts shit. Like attracts like. So to change I had to get rid of the shit in my life. I don’t want to go back to thinking like I have or feeling like I did. That is the beauty of truth. Once it is released and accepted as a teacher, it goes away and bothers you no more. Only if you carried it with another does it come back to help you to help the one you shared it with to let go too.

My family and I had so much updating it was daunting. I mean this is important. Family’s need to stay up to date or this is wha you get? Folks blocking folks and not understanding them because they too are out of date and updates need to happen in person and in letters and cards. I know I make sense, but when people stop working together, this is what you get. I am the only one talking about it out loud here, in print. i want change. The change already happened! Hello? Mama? Are you going to own me? Or what? Hide?

So, I keep in touch with my family here. Until I see the change that needs to manifest into reality. I hold to the dream of it already happened.

Thanks, I hope something here helped you.

God bless

Chelsie Lynn.. Where?


Vacations over girl. Come home to yourself already! You’re great! I love all of you! Even your back side! I am right here waiting impatiently as usual! LOL.. I love you true sweetie. This is my heart. I don’t care about all that stuff we got, I’ll take all of you, warts and eyelashes. That is the point. I am solid so you can fly! I an the rock that holds you down, keeps you grounded. All is love sweet cheeks. Look for it, and let the lies go, let them out. Speak the lie and it not longer has a hold on you. Like me. I told all, I am real. Solid.

I love and miss you. You, not what you do, just you. No strings except love for you always in my heart and mind. Dont be tripping girl. We are so dope. We are solid. We are family. That is how this Adoptee Mama feels about her kid. Good, bad, you are part of me. And I approve of myself, and I approve of you in all you glory and splendor. I am so happy for my surprise child, now a woman. I respect you. I may not understand, but I respect you. And that is a high gift you have earned from me. Love is a given for a Mama. But respect is earned.

I would respect you more if you called me. LOL Yeah, I am honest. I miss you like hell and was so upset I did not get to see you on your birthday. I hope me coming made you feel special, don’t bother about my family and what they think about it or me. I got that shit on lock. And I am not going anyway, but up from here.

Call me girl, you know my number. Push that button. Blow me up and lets catch up. I am so excited to hear your stories. You always have goods ones. Anyway. Hope you Sunday was restful and filled with love. I pray Gods blessing for this coming week to chase you down the street! Amen