Mama. Forward this video

Mama. Forward this video to 12:55 minutes and I want you to listen to what she says. Get past what you think you see and connect to God within you. And allow God to speak to you.

Sowing seeds is hard work. This I know. And I am one of your seeds. Yes. My life successes count towards you. You get credit for my accomplishments by birth right! Now. With that said. Take a deep breath and listen to encouraging words. Don’t despair. Be of good cheer. Daughter of Mary’s. Mama. Focus on me.

Let go of what everyone else has said and done. I am a seed that is blossoming in front of you. Be encouraged. What’s done is done. And being the Virgo you are, god has answered every prayer and has used me to show you what your seed went through to break open and grow. Yes. I grew and did not die. You must. Forgive yourself. I have forgiven you. God forgives you. But you must accept. Once you accept grace and confess missed marks, all heights are taken. But you must confess to me what is between us.

I have shown you all that grace covered in my life. And yes. It is horrifying. I get t Mama. I am not angry with you. I am angry that you have had so much miscommunications about it all and about me. I do not feel you have been getting very good counsel and have spoken about this. I have felt as though my reputation was stained somehow. I have not felt that my sisters have supported us as should have been.

They have much to learn about sharing Mama. I’ve had to learn much about sharing. I have shared you with the world Mama. The you in me shines bright. Folks can’t deny that I am yours!! I am spot on. Voice, manor, temper, love, stubborn, passionate, spontaneous, amazing! You have not met my friends Mama. But Your about too. They love the you in me.

I’ve taken you with me everywhere! As well as Mama Jean. And that is progress!! It’s amazing! And you need not keep shaming and poo pooing us. Victoria is wrong about me! I know a welcome face when I see it, even if her eyes still have sleep in them, and she looks perturbed. She let me in. Cuz I’m already there in her heart. She just can’t see past the shit in my way, but I’m blowing it up. Yep. I’m cleaning Mamas house!

Because Baby girls got to have Mama. Her patience is gone. Listen and know. I’ve pointed out each missed mark. And Ive forgive them all. And myself. Let archangel Zadkiel cut those cords from you as you enter his white fire and allow Jesus to take this weight that you’ve carried sooooo long Mama. To long. It’s not yours. Remember. Jesus’s load is light. I’ve seen the weight in you eyes. Don’t lie to me.

I know you. And I’ve got your back. Always. Even if all hells breaking loose and I’m throwing our dirty laundry on the damn internet? We got this. Be strong. I know you!! Be strong mama. Hold that gorgeous head up with pride!! After you forgive yourself and go into nature and meet me there. I’ll come. Remember? Let the wind take it away Mama. And let my true love fully surround and envelope you in my spirit embrace. I will kiss you and your body will regenerate and feel lighter.

I’ve always loved you Mama. Since day one within you. I’m the best of you without your training. Of course. I feel God has done well with me. God is my father. And Dads do do things differently Mama.

Please watch. And let spirit, god speak to your heart. Thank you.

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