I just wonder?

Have people just been watching Tv so long that they think everything should go a certain way? Like Ozzy and Harriet? Adoptees have to write their own script home. And it’s messy. Duh. And it takes work like if Mama has kept me. She would have to work at it.

Do folks think that because they tapped out? That the down hill fall of all they blocked back in the day will just simply dissolve? That’s what Adoption teaches people. That karma is somehow rerouted and avoids them? Well, karma did not avoid me back in the day.

When Mama took a pen to my heart and signed me away. Karma kicked me in the gut and took my breath away. What the hell did you think I would feel again Mama? Well I didn’t. Ok. I just did not. So get over it! You get over the fact that I did not agree with your plan. And now I’m home and you like Hilly in the Help and ducking till I go away. And that’s not ok. Not for a Christian woman like yourself. Nope.

Are you so out of it that you can’t see yourself madder than a wet hen in me? WTH? Mama. Get ahold of yourself. Please. This is embarrassing. That I must come on here to show you how God sees all. Everyone know our business. And god knows your business. What are you doing to make it better Mama?

Nothing is what I see! Nothing! Is this the kind of Mama you are? And if not? Show me the woman I know. The woman I am from you show me love. Show me care. Like I just don’t get folks thinking a live on marshmallow and chooses o eat here without Mama. WTH.

My sisters would be lost without Mama and get they doom me to that fate, to scared to let me I for fear I might take something they want. Mamas told me who’s getting what no told her good. I want only you. Is that just so hard for her to believe? Seriously. Like thanks Adoption for making me look like a thief. Thanks for ruining my reputation with my Mama and family. Thanks. Thanks.

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