Hello. People. My Mama needs to be an informed woman.

My Mama pride herself on being educated and up to date in her life. Every Mama is exposed to different ideas and life styles and people through their child. My Mama is no different.

And from what I can see? My Mama has missed out on one child’s influence and exposer. She’s been a four legged table that’s only got three legs. I am the fourth. And without me? Mama is unstable and wobbly. She still stands. But her strength and level headedness is challenged for lack of a leg.

Mamas had to live like this for years. She figured she would die like this. It’s like carrying a load on one side and you get used to it, the body adjusts. And now I am back and blowing things up and looking all crazy like. Cuz I am moving energy. And I am changing her mind. Little by little. Over and over like a surgeons knife I cut away the old ideas.

I take that knife to my sisters too. They have a lot of the same ideas too. Mama took her fate. And I am rewriting it. By dismantling what was. And meticulously showing her what, and why, and why not. She needs this for her souls growth. Yeah. Her body has become rigid. No offense Mama. Like salt. But emotions are like water and Ive poured enough to resolves that salt. With my tears and yours. We resolve it.

With Christ blood we wash it. And with our confession we come under grace about it. Wiser. Wiser. Wisdom is to be sought after. And you must have it as much as I must. We. Came her to do this. And to show the world what’s the outcome is to bring great change!! Like hello.

Yes. Don’t shake your head while reading. We came her to go through this. And it sucked. Especially the coming home part. What you thought would be was way off. But what’s yo come is what you desire. Lies are not of God. You did not know you had been lied too. I love you enough to yell you the truth!!

So you can see what’s up with us. K. I love you. Be encouraged. I care so much for you. Please see my heart that beats because if yours. Yes. It’s hard to believe. But believe it still. Trust I. A God who will bring back a gift. So you can open it and enjoy it. Again and again, until you accept.

Accept your gift. Call me. Let’s do this. The world be damned to keep us apart again! I have shouted it from the roof tops. And shown you everyone’s motives. Everyone’s dirt. By showing mine. I am your daughter and have a strong mind as well. Strong enough to turn you around to love you. Strong enough to wait years to love you face to face.

Strong enough to tell you the truth so you could see. Yourself in me.

I love you woman. What else? Why else? Who else could go here with you and bring grace on a platter? You can not give your calling to another. But god keeping coming back around til you accept.


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